View Full Version : Wizards of the Coast data update (6/6)

Moon Wizard
June 6th, 2017, 18:36
Princes of the Apocalypse

Some missing NPCs in encounters Fixed
Some missing NPC artwork - Fixed
Some missing artwork for magic items Fixed
Some missing map pins for Keep Guard Tower Fixed
Encounter not appearing properly on map Fixed

Curse of Strahd

Various broken links to DMG content - Fixed

Player's Handbook and Class Packs

Broken link to armor table in class description - Fixed

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Broken image links - Fixed


Moon Wizard
June 6th, 2017, 21:32
Out of the Abyss

Broken links to PHB Trinkets table - Fixed

Rise of Tiamat

Added item images for various magic items
Broken links to NPC list and magic items list - Fixed
Broken encounter at p3-04.10 - Fixed

Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Added missing Elven chain mail artwork
Broken links to NPC list and magic item list - Fixed


Moon Wizard
June 6th, 2017, 21:41
Storm King's Thunder

A number of links to DMG/PHB broken – Fixed
Missing artwork for one magic item – Fixed
Stone giant option missing – Fixed
Hill Giant option incorrect – Fixed