View Full Version : LFG, 1 Player LF game monday,Tue.-friday 7-11pm UTC+10:00 aus. prefer 5E

June 6th, 2017, 04:33
I have a FG License can play mondays antyime,Tue-friday 7-11pm also late Saturday. Just looking to play D&D whenever I'm very punctual whether it be weekly, every other week or monthly happy to play. My wife would like to play too but not as flexable with times. I can play for a long term or, just a short mission just really want to get more experience playing So I can Dm my own games later.

Voice preferred, Mix of text is good too, I have teamspeak discord skype and any other voice program needed.

I like to roleplay, to problem solve and, to do combat so any ratio of is fine with me.
Be warned I am new to D&D but, I have played other roleplaying tabletop games before as a Dm,Gm,GL and,a player. I also host a small game every Sunday with some friends who enjoy to game. Recently we wanted to get into D&D5e so, I'm absorbing as much info as I can get and, need to play a few games to understand what I have learned.