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Moon Wizard
May 24th, 2017, 18:14
For those getting update notices, we've just pushed a release of updates to all of the Wizards of the Coast 5E DLC packs.


May 24th, 2017, 18:24
Details of updates in this release

DD Basic Player and DM Rules (thanks to Beldak for this)

Complete revision of these to bring them up to date with the latest versions as published by WotC
Revised both to reflect the chapters of the actual pdf
Many typos fixed
Corrected a number of NPCs and magic items
Added Ring of resistance to DM guide
Added inline graphics

Players Handbook

Several versions of Clerical Divine Smite incorrect – Fixed
Wind Wall Spell typo – Fixed
Prismatic Wall Spell missing text – Fixed

Dungeon Masters Guide

Dozens of typos thanks to a pass through a spell checker and the efforts of Kronides on the forums
Sidebar for Divine Ranks too long – Fixed
Broken links in Horns of Valhalla and Wonder of Wonders Tables – Fixed
Changed – Magic items will no longer have a random value. The value shown will be the range as per the table on p135 of the DMG.

Storm King’s Thunder

Minor typo in items header – Fixed
Thumbnail which had once again reverted back to an earlier version - Fixed

The Yawning Portal (Against the Giants) Thanks to astromath for his sterling efforts in tracking these

Giant’s bag table producing some incorrect rolls – Fixed
Waythe - added a new NPC, parcel and notes giving DMs options as to where this item is (the official PDF doesn’t mention where the sword should be – only its sheathe. The sword is detailed only in the appendices)
Various NPCs which were missing some weapons, attributes or incorrect descriptions (White Puddings, Jarl Grunfer & Estia, Obmi, Yeti Leader) – Fixed
King Snurre’s Treasure Table not rolling properly – Fixed
Hell Hound Cloak with incorrect information – Fixed
Problems with Throne Room treasure - Fixed
Tentacled Wall - updated
Added – Story template and various rollable tables to enable DMs to create a treasure parcel with random cleric scrolls and potions at 3.2.10
Map pin link incorrect at 3.2.11 – Fixed
Added a new story template, parcel and tables to enable the DM to randomly roll/select Arcane spells, a magic sword and some magic armour at 3.3.08
Slimes in the narrow cavern – Fixed

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Links to quests broken – Fixed (Thanks to Zeus for this one)
Added – Links to some story entries for ease of navigation

Sword Coast Adventure Guide

Inaccuracy in Half elf variants – Fixed

Princes of the Apocalypse

Various typos – Fixed

Rise of Tiamat

Incorrect encounter at P9-06.06 – Fixed
Teleport spell link - Fixed