View Full Version : LFG 1 Player LF Game to jump in on 5/14 CST US Time Zone (Anytime) 5e

May 17th, 2017, 22:51
Looking to hop on a one shot or jump in on a regular camp who needs a stand-in for the night. If you have something new starting tonight and need to fill a spot message me too. I don't have a wednesday game and would love to have a regular one scheduled.

Voice enabled
Paid License - Also splurged on most all of the various mods and camps for FG... although I am not up to snuff for DMing... someday..... someday

I'm willing to consider playing any role you think will fit best in your party. I have the most experience with druid class. I haven't been playing long so just about every campaign, class, and race is still interesting to me. Message me to discuss or reply to this thread. Really looking to experience and learn as much as possible.

May 19th, 2017, 07:50
if you are still around we have at least three for that Lair assault. four with you.