View Full Version : 5E-Homegrown One Shot Game - 10:30pm EST Tonight 4/30/17- Need 2 More

May 1st, 2017, 01:07
FG License: DM has Ultimate License (Free Demo Accounts welcome)
Game System: 5e
Time:10:30pm EST
Date: 4/30/2017 TONIGHT!
Planned Duration & Frequency:About 2 Hours (depending on choices)

Text or Voice: Voice (But you can use text if you are willing to listen on Discord and interact via Text)
Voice software used: Discord

Role play & Combat mix: 40/60
Number of Players Needed: We'd like to get 2 more. So far we are expecting a Dwarf Fighter, an Orc Fighter and an Elf Druid.
Character starting level & equipment: Starting at level 1 and the usual starting gold and items with level 1
Character restrictions: None

Scenario Details:

I am a new DM, this will be my second time DMing a game on Fantasy Grounds. The 3 players who are already committed to playing are people I know in RL and we played once online together a few days ago. Two of them are new to FG and D&D while the other is more experienced. None of us are experts so if you can't stand playing with people who are still learning you will probably want to pass on this one. But if that is fine with you please join us!

Although this is a D&D 5e game, I am a bit of a fan of the White Wolf World of Darkness game books so this one shot campaign was created today with a heavy "Hunter the Reckoning" flavor. You will be called to deal with creatures of the night and save the day.

PM me or please join our discord server:

As always our game tracking/calendar site is here where we will post the games we are running.


May 1st, 2017, 03:05
I am interested if you still need players.

May 1st, 2017, 15:38
Thank you for hosting the one shot last night. It was a great time, party and adventure.