View Full Version : Chat Sound Triggers Error in PFRPG

April 22nd, 2017, 23:13
I am not sure this is the place to post this, so please bear with me if not. I have been trying to integrate Syrinscape with Fantasy Grounds and have ran into an issue with the Chat Sound portion of the Sound tab in PFRPG. If I try to add a new Chat Sound, I get the following [Script Error: [string "wlListIconAdd"]:1: attempt to index upvalue 'oWindowNode' (a nil value)].

It does not do this in 5e, I checked it to be sure.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for any assistance!

April 22nd, 2017, 23:28
Should have added, I am running DOE Base v3.0 and Sound Extension v4.0

April 23rd, 2017, 00:51
As this is specific to an extension, I'd recommend you post your issue in that extension thread. You'll get better focus from the extension developer that way.

April 23rd, 2017, 04:53
Thanks for the information, I will certainly do so :)

April 23rd, 2017, 13:43
Re-posted question in DOE Sound Extension thread...