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April 10th, 2017, 18:49
I've been working on a custom mod piecing things together from the BRP xml files. specifically db, client, and common. I've added this entry into the BRPother section but I cant get it to show up. The list portion does, but none of the races from the brpother section do. anyone have insight as to what I did wrong?

reference line:
<link class="reference_creatures" recordname="[email protected] of Dunai BRP">Races</link>

BRPlists line:
<list-020> <name type="string">Races</name>
<creaturetype type="string">Playable Race</creaturetype>
<source type="string">[email protected] of Dunai BRP</source>
<header type="string">

BRPother line:
<name type="string">Racial Skills</name>
<entry-001> <name type='string'>Human</name>
<type type='string'>Playable Race</type>

April 10th, 2017, 21:04
I'm taking it you're basing this off the BRPGameSystem.mod library module?

How each list works is based off the "class" passed as part of the <link> entry that is used to open the list. The class will then look for specific fields in the source list of data.

What "class" do you use to open that BRPlist record?

April 10th, 2017, 21:43
I copied code from the db.xml in the BRPGamemasterGuide.mod line 1878 for a "reference_creatures". then I copied one of the entries from that same file after line 6780 changing the type name from "Fantasy Creature" to "Playable Race"

is that what you mean?

April 10th, 2017, 22:01
Line 1878 is: <link class="reference_creatures" recordname="[email protected] Gamemaster Guide">Fantasy Creatures</link>

The "class" I mentioned is "reference_creatures", which expects a specific data format.

For this class (reference_creatures), the "creaturetype" field is used to filter the data (which is what you've done), but the format of the data list is very specific, so you need to use the same format as the entries beginning at line 6780, this is an example from the BRPGamemasterGuide.mod:

<BRPother static="true">
<name type='string'>Alligator or Crocodile</name>
<type type='string'>Natural Animal</type>
<notes type='string'>

Your <RacialSkills> entry shown in post #1 doesn't match this data format at all - you need to keep the same XML field names, don't change these. You'd need something like this:

<name type='string'>Human</name>
<type type='string'>Playable Race</type>

April 10th, 2017, 22:04
here is a the first full entry, I thought I did copy the format.

<entry-001> <name type='string'>Human</name>
<type type='string'>Playable Race</type>
<notes type='formattedtext'>
<p><b>Culture: </b>Throughout Dunai, primarily in Ceresu or Larsan</p>
<p><b>Appearance: </b>Wide and varied as those in the real world</p>
<p><b>Demeanor: </b>Short lived and busy. Always on to something new</p>
<p><b>Life Span: </b>Humans are considered adults at age 18 with a life expectancy of 70 years.</p>
<p>Humans are one of the shortest lived races and often looked down upon because of that. They are the most diverse and often find themselves intermingled in with the other races.</p>
<p><b>Points for pointbuy: </b>49</p>
<istemplate type='number'>1</istemplate>
<strength type='number'>8</strength>
<constitution type='number'>8</constitution>
<size type='number'>8</size>
<intelligence type='number'>8</intelligence>
<power type='number'>8</power>
<dexterity type='number'>8</dexterity>
<appearance type='number'>8</appearance>
<strength type='string'>2D6+6</strength>
<constitution type='string'>2D6+6</constitution>
<size type='string'>2D6+6</size>
<intelligence type='string'>2d6+6</intelligence>
<power type='string'>2D6+6</power>
<dexterity type='string'>2D6+6</dexterity>
<appearance type='number'>2d6+6</appearance>
<hp type='number'>8</hp>
<hitlocationtemplate type='string'>Humanoid</hitlocationtemplate>
<dbdesc type='string'>+0</dbdesc>
<armor type='string'>0</armor>
<move type='string'>10</move>
<skills type='string'>Any +20%, Craft(Any)+20%, Language(Halflic)</skills>
<powers type='string'>Human Resiliance 100%</powers>

April 10th, 2017, 22:05
oh, sorry didn't read closely enough, I think I understand now