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December 20th, 2005, 10:43
I have made customizations to FG original d20 ruleset.
I use it my games, but i'd like to have some outsiders to playtest it and give opinions and suggestions.

There is some changes to D&D3.5 SRD rules i deemed nessessary, but i have tried to keep them minimal so others could adopt ruleset easier.

Latest date version available: v201205 (dd.mm.yy)

Use Instructions:
-Extract to /rulesets so that subfolders extracts correctly.
-Start FG, new campaign /w d20Zmods ruleset.

Ruleset Changes:
-All Ruleset components are under same folder.
>Affects /data folder.
-Chat window dice pictures shrinked to 75% size.
-Feats are now nodes
>can be modified easier.
-Monster CR-field from Int to String
>Field now shows correctly, even if not integer (<0)
>!Possible problem: Had to change NPC CR fieldtype > Modules with NPCs may not work??
-Monster information change: Draggable Description frame.
>Some monsters have draggable description.
>Decription boxes are Created by monster.xls -tool.
>This is still in development. I need monster descriptions to all monsters.
-Added Item Shop
>Allmost all SRD normal items draggable to charsheet.
-Charsheet changes
>Modifications to allmost all pages.
>Added page: Combat
>Added page: Mount
>Inventory items are nodes, draggable from shop.
-New window: GM Perception table.
>Fast check of PC Perception skills.

Rule Changes:
reasoning and better look from reference window
-Mental Attributes Redefined
>Wis gives Skill pts. Instead of Int
>Cha gives Will saves.
>Craft- and Profession-Skill stats changed.
>Some monsters changed to reflect new system.
>>Constructs have Int, but no Cha or Wis.
>>Animals have Cha and Wis, but no or low Int.
-New Magic type Psionics(CHA)
>Sorcerer modified to Psion, Wizard lost mind influencing spells.
>Bard spell list: minor modifications.
-Some Changes to other professions.
-Changes to Races.
-New Templates. (scroll at race window)
-Some feats Changed.
-BTH to Inititative
>Monsters have been modified accordingly.
-Combat Critical&Fumble revised.
-Magic Item Creation changed (feats&some items)
-Weapons and Armors and their special qualities Changed.

-Tools are found in /database -directory
-Tools are MSExcel sheets, that create FG .xml files.
-Some tools .xls files are created by off2003 and may not work with earlier versions.
-Usage: Type text to tables, run macro, restart FG to apply changes.
-Magic shop is planned
>MagicItems.xls needs to be filled with items.
>shop should be like standard item shop, but use magicitems.xml.

PS. Id be happy if someone is willing to help to make descriptions to equipment, magicitems and monsters.

December 20th, 2005, 21:51
This looks really cool.
I am not at my PC right now but when I get there I will try this out.

December 21st, 2005, 18:54
I took a look, I found a few typos and things that got overlooked, since it is a WIP I figured there was still a lot to clean uyp.
I did really like the way you broke down the weapons armor items etc...
Draggable monster descriptions are a great idea.
I didn't have a module ready to load so I couldn't test your NPC bug.
I thik it's a great project.

December 22nd, 2005, 09:28
Thanks for compliments.

As im not native in english there might be FEW typos :P
If those are annoying, put email/private to me, i fix them to next version.

I like those draggable monster descriptions too, but there is too few of them, and those were done "in hurry".

221205 Update to files:
-Added Zmods_spelldesc.xls -tool for modifying spell descriptions.
-Added ruleset-version information to reference window.
-Modified reference window a bit.

January 28th, 2006, 10:42
Love the mods Zambol, but I have a question. How can I get a .xls excel spreadsheet into the FG .xml format? I want to be able to expand by putting in my own monsters mainly but later on even magic items, etc. so how do I "convert" the .xls file into a .xml file that FG can use?

January 28th, 2006, 12:25
so how do I "convert" the .xls file into a .xml file that FG can use?
The best thing, I think, would be to actually save the spreadsheet as XML spreadsheet (there's an option under Save as in Excel). This will create a document in so called workbook format. Then you either write a piece of software that converts Excel Workbook to FG XML, or use some XSLT. :P
Excel spreadsheet has totally different structure than FG, there can't be a universal tool, because if there was, I could import clients data, transactions and bank deals into FG. ;D

Gah, he probably already did that, sorry. ;P

January 28th, 2006, 13:07
I believe that you need to have the XLS file in your ruleset folder. To convert, press ALT+F8. This should give you the file. PLEASE NOTE: BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR OLD FILES.


January 28th, 2006, 22:11
Yes I know about having the fil in the right folder, etc. but when I tried to convert to an xml spreadsheet, it doesn't work. Can any of you guys give constructive, positive steps I can use other than stating the obvious?

January 29th, 2006, 19:21
Those XLS files i made have macros that make FG xml files.

Example: ZMods_Monsters.xls
1) Open ZMods_Monsters.xls in excel
2) Add/Modify monsters
3) Run macro: Tools(menu) / Macros / Macros ... / Export_Monsters

This creates modified monster.xml file to same folder ZMods_Monsters.xls is located.

PS. Import_Monsters should not be used, as i dont remember if it works on original or modified monster.xml file.