View Full Version : New Releases Missing GM Setting book / Player's Book?

March 31st, 2017, 01:12
TIMEZERO: The Mirrors of Carthage (Savage Worlds)


Shouldn't the above two new products have an accompanying GM and/or Player resource book(s)?

March 31st, 2017, 03:09
I was wondering the same thing. Is the TimeZero operative's manual coming to FG?

March 31st, 2017, 03:37
Yes the TZ Operative Manual should be available soon, seems to just been a small glitch in the release sequence.

March 31st, 2017, 07:33
Good to know and hear!

May 1st, 2017, 09:53
Some weeks ago, I bought "TIMEZERO: The Mirrors of Carthage (Savage Worlds)" and "TIMEZERO: Tomorrow BOMB".
I see the operative manual has been released. As I already own the pdf, ist worth bying it ? Does it add functonnalities to the ruleset or is it 'just' the book ?

May 1st, 2017, 11:20
Hi dragonheels. The Operatives Manual is the main setting manual, with the specialized rules for TimeZero.. It includes the new edges, hindrances, equipment in the drop and drag format for character sheets. It is also divided into two parts, players manual and GM Manual. The GM portion includes a full one shot, a collection of files that can be used to build your own adventures etc. You can work from the pdf, but the automated features for FG, the edges, hindrances, equipment, etc you would need to manually enter for every PC and NPC.

May 1st, 2017, 11:28
Helle Ellspeth,
Thanks a lot for your answer. So it's worth buying it :) I will !

May 1st, 2017, 11:31
Tell ya what, I did the conversion, but the store doesn't show if they included the maps I made for the one shot Charlemagne's Crowning are included. If you purchase it and let me know I would appreciate it. If they aren't I will zip file them for you and send them to you in thanks for letting me know.

May 1st, 2017, 11:54
Just bought it.
In the GM part, I do not see the map yu mentioned in the image/map folder.
BTW, when trying to open "Dona Carmen Villalobos from Cordoba, I get a console error saying the image is invalid.
Otherwise, all seems OK :) I'll tell you more ;)

May 1st, 2017, 12:03
Oh cool thanks. Hmmmmm I sent the fix on that image, I have a few more fixes done for TMOC. I'll check with James to make sure it gets the fix updated. If you send message me an email I can send you the maps for Charlemagne's Crowning.

May 1st, 2017, 12:10
Thanks a lot! Done!

May 1st, 2017, 12:15
Sent, and thanks for the info. :)

May 1st, 2017, 12:21
Received, and I have to apologize cause the maps are already there. I understood wrong and thought about a region map or sth like that...

May 1st, 2017, 12:26
LOL no worries, I am glad they included the maps, they are not part of the original material, I made them myself. I'll make sure James has all the fixes before the week is out. Have fun with this ever since Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine I have dreamed of time travel.

May 1st, 2017, 12:27
since Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine I have dreamed of time travel.
Me too!

May 1st, 2017, 12:29
I made them myself.
Congrats! They look awesome!!!

May 1st, 2017, 20:49
Congratulations on the release(s)!