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December 17th, 2005, 03:53
Greetings all. I would like to take this opportunity to announce two possible games that I will be running. Which one I run will depend on the number of people wishing to play in either game. At the moment, I have three more open spots that can be filled. No player experience is needed, and I a fairly competent DM. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or pm here. Tenative game time is Thursday begining at 7pm EST.

Game One
The first of the games I would like to run is a Future game using the d20 Future rules. This game is a blend of elements from my favorite setting, as well as a few movies that I find interesting. The blends of Alternity, Firefly and Alien may sound strange, but I think it might make for a rather interesting game. Donít get me wrong, this is not a bug hunter game with acid bleeding aliens coming at you from all sides. In fact, it is amore political game with warring factions, and an underlying storyline that keeps things moving even if the characters decide to deviate. Function of fashion is a very important part as well. The ships, weapons, and gear are all made for use, not to be aesthetically pleasing. I am looking at this to a long running campaign.

Game Two
The second game is old faithful. Itís a D&D game set in Faerun. There are some changes however. Magic will not be quite as plentiful as most are used to. I prefer low magic campaigns to high. Other than that, most of the world is similar, although some of the Kingdoms have changed in strange ways. This game also has the possibility of dropping into Ravenloft, as it progresses; but thatís another story.

There you have it. The two games I am interested in running. AS I said, I currently have room for 3 players, if anyone is interested. Feel free to pm here, or send an email to the addy above.