View Full Version : World of Darkness ruleset?

December 11th, 2005, 20:09
Just a quick question.

I've only just taken a look at this amazing program in the past few days and still don't know everything about its capabilities. I'm under the impression that it can be modified to use virtually any ruleset, right?

So, is there any possibility that some luminary in the community is working on a World of Darkness mod? :D

I would consider doing it myself (if no one else is), but I know nothing about XML... I have a bit of programming background, so it's not that it would be Greek to me, exactly, but could anyone recommend some solid tutorials?

(I guess that was about three questions, sorry, hehe.)

December 12th, 2005, 05:38
I did a ruleset for Adventure!, which is a ST-based pulp game. It's not consistent with their current system, but it accommodates a character sheet that uses dice pools, skills, etc. You should be able to find screens from it as an older post in the Armory. PM me if you're interested in knowing more.

December 13th, 2005, 14:44
i'm creating a world of darkness 2 ruleset. the human character sheet for the moment.
it's very long. I do not have to finish. I will share soon my work.

My ruleset is for french World of darkness, but a make for english language.

January 14th, 2006, 22:56
Zane, where is ruleset and would there be a possibility of converting it to a WoD Ruleset?

Any information would be helpful, thanks.