View Full Version : Sat-Way of the Wicked:Act 1-Pathfinder

March 7th, 2017, 22:57
License: Ultimate (new and demo players welcome)
Ruleset: Pathfinder
Voice: Discord

Date: Sat. March 11, 2017
Time: 12 pm MST (UTC -7)
Runtime: 4-5 hours

Special: if you want to create your own character, get in touch with me by friday. Otherwise Pregens will be provided.

This is an Evil Campaign, alignment will be restricted to NE and LE.

You are a criminal, guilty of crimes against The People of Talingarde. You have been sentenced to die for these crimes. In three days the executioner arrives. Can you escape from A prison,from which no one has ever escaped, in three days? Stripped of all your belongings, shackled to the cell wall with your fellow condemned, you must find a way to live. So that you may take your revenge.

Depending on how well it goes, And player commitment this could turn into a regular game.