View Full Version : Adventuresome Dreams AD Scene 1 - The Ruins

November 23rd, 2005, 17:16
msd seems to be taking an extended vacation (we hope it is a vacation in any case). This effort was sitting in limbo in his absence, so we decided to go ahead and release this free module for your use.

For your Thanksgiving pleasure, the posting of the first (and possibly last, barring the return of msd) AD Scene.


"The Ruins" is made up of two brand new scenarios (i.e. no copyright infringement here!) that can be used by a GM as random encounters, the beginning of a larger module... whatever fits your need. There are maps, tokens, art, etc. One scenario was created by snikle and the other by me. devinnight contributed artwork, snikle did maps, and Ilwan added tokens and did the layout of the .pdf 'cover'.

Included in this .zip file are all the contents of a C:\Program Files\FantasyGrounds\campaigns folder called ADScene1. Simply extract "using folder names" and everything should appear in the right place. Also included in the campaign folder is a .pdf version of the 'scene'.

Thanks again to the design team for all their help. Even if this is the last AD Scene created, rest assured that the team that created this effort will continue to create content for the FG community.

Link to download on the AD site: (http://www.adventuresomedreams.com/forums/showthread.php?t=509)