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February 25th, 2017, 15:32
I am trying out a game mode kind of inspired by MOBA games and am trying to find a good map to test the general rules of play out with. (It is a D&D 5E game but I will also test it with Pathfinder to see which is a better fit.) In the game mode (working title Loot Crawl) two teams of PCs try to grab the loot in a small, shared dungeon while trying to slow the other team down. Each team has a home base where they store their loot and whether they can heal (which burns time, of course). The paths lead to a crossroads to facilitate conflict and otherwise the map is dungeon corridors and rooms where chests with the loot (as well as traps and other hazards) are found. It should be symmetrical in relation to the team bases and central path.

If the mode ends up being fun and playable I plan on commissioning a few maps for both FG and table top play (I think I am going to run it as an event at GenCon this year) but I need a bse map with which to start. I tried to build one using Dungeon painter but I just don't have the design sense to create something that is both interesting and symmetrical.

If anyone recalls seeing something like this or has something that might work in their arsenal, please share a link. Like I said, right now I am just hoping for a proof of concept type map so i can run the base idea with my usual group and iterate until its a viable con game. Thanks a bunch!

February 25th, 2017, 15:37
For reference this is my sad little hand sketch for what I am imagining.