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November 23rd, 2005, 04:37

Long time DM, first time DMing on fantasy grounds. Starting a game on Friday the 23rd at 2pm pacific time until ???

Another game on Saturday 24th at 2pm pacific until ??? The games can be the same game, or different games.

3 players for each session. Email me at [email protected] (Note there is an underscore between Michael and Cofield). Characters can be rolled up online with me watching either on wednesday night or sometime Thursday. Email with a good time for you to roll up character.

Game world info:
Game is set in Deepwater, the port city of New Pisian. Deepwater is the main point of access to New Pisian, helping to bring the salt and mule-elephants back to Pisian. Deepwater is located on the south eastern portion of the New World. Cliff-shores seperate the land from the sea all along the southern and eastern portions of the New World. Deepwater is the exception of course, because its harbor is a massive cave that is formed by the mouth of the Deepwater river. Deepwater is HUGE as evidenced by the extremely detailed map the players will be sent.

Campaign info:
More of an urban campaign. 3 players. See the alignment rules below. Party will be more nuetral, without extreme alignments as explained in that section, ie goodness = 3-7 and lawfulness = 3-7. Game is less heroic and grandious, more gritty and rogueish.

The more important house rules are below. Interested players should email me with their availablity for the two days. Interested players should have good typing skills. You can't really role play in fantasy grounds if you can't type!!! :roll:

Players may choose to be either male or female. However, the role-playing of sex, sexual attraction or sexual encounters is not allowed. In other words, characters will not have (or role-play having) a libido.

Stat generation:
Random average method from the DMG – roll 3d6 six times and place the results in order.
· Bonus1 – you may swap two values once. For example, if you roll a 16 strength and a 4 intelligence, and had an itch to be a wizard, you could swap those values.
· Bonus2 – If every one of your abilities is lower than 14, you may reroll. Alternatively, instead of rerolling, you may brave it out and keep your scores and take one bonus feat.
· Bonus3 – If your bonus total is less than 0, you may reroll. Alternatively, instead of rerolling, you may brave it out and keep your scores and take one bonus feat.

· No paladins, druids or clerics in this campaign. Sorry, they just don’t fit in as PCs. You may see NPCs clerics, druids and paladins.
· Monks are allowed. However, monks do not have to be lawful or neutral. In this campaign, beings with low lawfulness may still master the martial arts. See the section on alignments.
· All other core character classes allowed.

We are not using the D&D alignment system in this campaign. Since I have seen the D&D alignment system used poorly to screw up many campaigns (including some of my own), this system has been overhauled.
In this campaign there is no evil, at least as it is described on page 104 of the PHB. In other words, there are no beings that that “actively pursue evil … killing out of some duty to some evil deity or master.” Instead, beings either have a high goodness, low goodness or in extreme cases, no goodness.
· You declare on a 0-10 scale how much goodness your character has. Goodness is as defined in the PHB on page 104. “Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others.”
· A character with 0 goodness has no altruism, no respect for life, and no concern for the dignity of sentient beings. While this character does not actively seek to inflict harm on other sentient beings, he will do so even if for only small personal gain. For example, when determining whether to kill someone, this character weighs only external motivations only. “Will I get caught and hunted down?”
· A character with a goodness of 10 will frequently make self-sacrifices for the betterment of other sentient beings. They are internally motivated to do good.
· A character with a goodness of 5 is an average decent person. Such a character balances his interest versus the interest of others. Such an average person may be influenced to occasionally have streaks one way or another.
· A party may only have a range of 4 points of goodness from the character with the least amount of goodness to the character with the most. Since players do not know the goodness of their own party members, the DM may establish a range for the campaign and provide it to the players. For example, at the extreme, a 7 and a 3 may be in the same party.
o Spells such as “detect evil” simply detect a lack of goodness. Goodness of only 0-3 triggers “evil” effecting/detecting spells. Goodness of 7-10 affects “good” affecting skills.
Lawfulness – This is also defined on a 0-10 scale. There is no such thing as chaotic alignment or a “devotion” towards chaos. A character with zero lawfulness simply has no regard for tradition, authority and reliability. Such a character generally still recognizes the value of projecting an appearance of having these values though. The difference is that a character with zero lawfulness is only externally motivated to follow law and authority; there is an absence of internal motivation. A party may only have a range of 4 points of lawfulness. For example, at a 7 and a 3 may be in the same party.

November 23rd, 2005, 19:58
Original poster here,

Looks like we have two interested players so we still have one opening.

November 24th, 2005, 03:01
Okay I had two players that both realized they had prior arrangements. That means the game is still wide open. As I posted, the game starts at 2pm pacific time Friday and Saturday. You don't need to play both days.

If you have questions or want to role up a character, IM me at [email protected]