View Full Version : One Shot: D&D 5e A-1 Slave Pits of the Undercity - Sat 18 Feb 2017 - 7:30-11:30 GMT

February 15th, 2017, 22:03
It is time to put a stop to the marauders!For years the coastal towns have been burned and looted by the forces of evil. You and your fellow adventurers have been recruited to root out and destroy the source of these raids. But beware, hundreds of good men and women have been taken by the slavers and have never been seen or heard from again!https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=17923&stc=1_____________________________________________ ________________________________________
Date: Saturday, February 18 2016

Time: 07:30 11:30 pm (GMT)

Ruleset: D&D 5th Ed

FG License: Ultimate (anyone can join the game, including free users)

Games Master: dm-kevin

Minimum Players: 4
Maximum Players: 6

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord.My Discord id is: "dm-kevin#6418".

My Fantasy Grounds server address/alias: "dead ogre able pirate"

Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
Number of Players in game & needed: 0/6


This is a conversion to 5e I have made of the original module.I have eight 4th level pre-made characters or more for you to choose from.We will be playing for 3 1/2 to four hours. If we cannot finish in one session, we will agree another Saturday or other day to complete this.

Inspiration points: Where awarded, may be used after a failed roll without announcing beforehand your intention to use inspiration, and you can give your inspiration point to another player at any time (but you must seriously make an effort to call out, sing, describe your action in doing so to lend something to the session.

Link to Game calendar page: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=2424

Once accepted - Identify in posts below what character you want! If you desperately want to bring your own, please ensure you know how to export/import your character.

RESERVED CHARACTERS: Kayen Telva - GunbunnyFuFuPhanstern the Tiefling - The KingmakerBlack Dougall - Kozmo


Any questions please post them below.


February 15th, 2017, 22:45
Signed up! Looking forward to this!

February 15th, 2017, 23:11
Thanks for joining GunbunnyFuFu! First in - - you start with an inspiration point!

I ran this at FG Con 9. As you have run this also, I'll be very grateful after the session for any comments, etc.

February 15th, 2017, 23:57
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am out of town this weekend! Well good luck Kevin and I double dog dare you to kill GunBunnyFuFu's PC.:square:
I am sorry I will be missing it.

February 16th, 2017, 00:37
I'll play Kayen Telva if the character is available.

February 16th, 2017, 07:44

I'd love to do this... but midday (for me in EST) Saturdays are near impossible due to a wife and 9yo :(

I hope you do it at next FGCon, I get "byes" to play those weekends ;)

Also, I hope to run this in long future, prob late summer/early fall in possibly AD&D ruleset if can be done or C&C if not.
Can you point me to some assets for the module (I own both paper version of Original Against the Slavers (forget name, brown 128page style module) and PDF of newer updated version.) Have never read past intro pages on original single A1 module from early 80s. But hope to play sometime to both get feel for it and enjoy it without knowing what is coming first before DMing.

If you just took the assets from PDF or your own scan (since both available to me), I'd appreciate if maybe can send me a PM with tips on creating the FG module. I am happy to run or play in 5e, but was thinking for local campaign to try older rulesets.

The Kingmaker
February 16th, 2017, 21:54
Hello Guys, I've just signed up.

I've never played on Fantasy Grounds (or any other online simulator for that matter) and only have a few games D&D experience under my belt but would love to play Phanstern the Tiefling if you don't mind a newbie in the group.

February 17th, 2017, 00:39
Welcome! I have no problem with a newbie in the group, as we all started there! Looking forward to gaming with you!


February 17th, 2017, 10:42
Any room left. The time works for me. It'll be my very first experience as well. Purchased a full membership a few days ago. I'm On CST but 8:30 PM works for me. PM me and let me know if theres room. illl look you up on Discord and check out the calendar link.

February 17th, 2017, 13:46
Hi kozmo

I believe the CT time below is when it starts for you.

19:30 Friday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is
13:30 Friday, Central Time (CT)



February 17th, 2017, 14:13

Only one spot now left for Saturday's 5e conversion of the AD&D 1e module, A-1 Secret of the Slaver's Stockade!

February 17th, 2017, 15:17
Awww, but I don't wanna post here :(

I'm still dying to know if this is LoL's BunnyFuFu...

February 17th, 2017, 18:57
I could run Karraway or Eljayess. I'll do my best but I am new to FG + 5e.

The Kingmaker
February 18th, 2017, 08:48
Hey guys, super excited to get this off the ground today!

February 18th, 2017, 09:44
Hi, I would like to sign up as a reserve if you have a slot open up. I am happy to play any character but my preference would be Karraway, Freda or Blodgett.

February 18th, 2017, 11:51
Hi Braven, no problem at all. You're first reserve.


The Kingmaker
February 18th, 2017, 12:34
Hello Kevin,

As a few of us are new to FG and novices @D&D is there a chance we can get set up a little early so we can get acquainted with things before the session kicks off?

February 18th, 2017, 14:23
I'm usually online about an hour before session. I only have normal version of FG so I can only invite 1 demo version to my game, but I can give you a quick walk through of character sheet and play. I am Zanself pretty much everywhere.

February 18th, 2017, 14:34
I'm happy to help orient players to characters & FG, things like that. I do have an Ultimate license, and can set up a sample game without much issue. I'm available all day today, so just shoot me a PM and we can go from there.

February 18th, 2017, 14:36

After reviewing spells etc. I think Karraway would be most useful for the party.
4th level Tempest Cleric of Kord would be my first pick

what do you all think?




Karraway specs for DM consideration:
Chaotic Good
Chain Mail
Holy Symbol
priest's pack
light xbow + 20 bolts

bonus prof: martial + hvy armor
Wrath of the Storm domain power @ lvl 1
Channel: Destructive wrath, turn undead

spells in order of prefer. depending on WIS score:
sacred flame
spare the dying

d:fog cloud, thunderwave
cure wounds
healing word
lesser restoration
prayer of healing

d:gust of wind, shatter
{hold person}
{guiding bolt}

February 18th, 2017, 15:00

Looks good from where I'm sitting!


The Kingmaker
February 18th, 2017, 15:15
Hmm... I was under the illusion that we would be playing as per-generated characters? Or should I roll one up now?

- Whoops my bad, i understand now, just re-read the OP.

February 18th, 2017, 18:39
Okay guys,

Should you want to log in early to the FG server. That way you can download maps etc. in advance. I will however be starting at 19:30 GMT.

February 18th, 2017, 18:40
any chance of a new to playing 5e/FG able to get in....would like to play Ogre if he is still available>

sorry, need to cancel...boy woke up and wants to buy a car....can't just blow him off :/

February 18th, 2017, 18:45
I'm not seeing Kayen Telva listed in the Characters??


February 18th, 2017, 18:56
Okay, Discord invite is: https://discord.gg/GmfSh

February 18th, 2017, 19:00
Sorry about that, I was holding reserved characters until arrival but there should be no problem as everyone has identified other characters.

The Kingmaker
February 18th, 2017, 23:41
GG thanks for the game.

February 19th, 2017, 11:29
Thanks to all players for attending. I will post on here soon a proposed date to finish this. GunbunnyFuFu, the next room unfortunately was the modified sundew which I had thought you might enjoy.

February 19th, 2017, 14:10
Alas! Regardless, thank you for running this, and am looking forward to the next session!


February 19th, 2017, 15:06
Not sure what the attendance was like. Sorry I missed it. Up all night with Doug Davison and AT&T trying to resolve connection issues

February 20th, 2017, 23:24
No problem Kosmo,

I'll always be running it again.