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November 13th, 2005, 23:16
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Is it possible to make text draggable from the chat window, similar to how a GM can make a text box in story/notes to drag to the chat window?

It would be nice to make things draggable for characters so they can distribute items faster...

Gamemaster: You find a (Longsword +1)

Player clicks on longsword+1 and drops it on his character sheet in inventory... that kind of thing.

I'm very new to FG and would love some feedback :)

I like that suggestion, but as a counter I would say tha DM might have those already built in as an item, then he would jsut share it with that player (by dragging it to his picture). Now, I realize that I do not plan that far ahead either, I rarely have the items written up in advance so I could jsut share, so I do like your suggestion.

As a newb to the program, I didn't know I could do that... but programming each item in might be time consuming if it's trivial things that players want to keep. Leather armor, standard or even masterwork longswords, etc.

I use /die 150 Gold pieces and things like that for easy drag loot and xp, but the item functionality would be nice too.

I'm going to try out the item window list and see how it works for dragging to characters.


You can share the item sheet with the player, but they can't drag any text from the item box to their character sheet... which means they can read the item but not put it somewhere permanent (between game sessions)

So what I suggested earlier about making draggable text from the chat window would still be nice... hell, especially if you can put it in story paragraphs... a description of the dragon's hoard with draggable links.... or even hotbutton shortcuts to the item window which has draggable text.

Ex: (dragged from story window)
You look over the dragon's corpse to see your hard earned riches laying mounded upon each other. Gold and platinum sparkles, a [ ] Longsword and [ ] Glowing steel shield stick out, half buried in the treasure. You eye is immediately drawn, however, to the pedestal adorned in gemstones and gold filigree. Floating mere inches above the pedestal is a [ ] Pulsating black sceptre.

I would imagine the easy way to write that would be to make a story item that's chat box draggable. As I was writing it, I would simply drag from the item window the items I'd like to have linked in it. Once finished, I could just drag the boxed text to the chat window and bam, players could drag from there for updating their sheets.

From a programming standpoint, I have no idea how hard that would be- it seems to me that each kind of text window supports one mode of information... either links, dragging text, etc.

I guess in summation... three things would be nice.
1: simple draggable text from the chat window (maybe done with /drag Longsword +1)
2: Links in story pieces that are chat box draggable (like above example)
3: The ability to drag the item name from a shared item box to the character sheet (or if possible, create a hotbox on the character sheet that links directly to the item description)

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November 14th, 2005, 19:16
Simply being able to select, copy and paste text from the chat window would go a long way. I find it frustrating that when the GM gives me some really important information I can't just copy and paste it to a Note, I have to retype it.