View Full Version : New Player to 3.5 and FG looking for group...

Syric Blackflame
November 11th, 2005, 16:46
I am trying to find a gaming group here in Modesto CA and have had very little luck and am interested in playing online with anyone willing to show me the ropes on how to get started. I am a mature gamer of 34 winters and have just recently gotten back into wanting to play PnP DnD I have not really played since 2nd Edition was out but am a quick learner. I would prefer playing with Pacific time or Central Time based players. Available to play on weekend evenings and some week nights possibly.

I am looking for a group of mature players that is willing to teach the ins and outs of online play. I am semi-tech savy so getting a program up and running would not be too hard for me I just need a good DM that is willing to take some time and teach me the ropes.

My wife and I are looking to get into a good group willing to take time to teach some new people. If there is anyone out there willing please send me an email to:

[email protected]

Any suggestions on how to get started would be more then welcome and thankyou in advance for your time. I have the demo version downloaded but am willing to get the regular version to play at anytime.