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October 25th, 2005, 19:32
Regarding the d20 SRD-

Are the feats, skills, and items broken out into their own nodes (and node-types) in much the same way as spells are in the base d20 Fantasy Grounds distribution?

In other words, similar to spells, do they have multiple data elements, such as "name", "prerequisites", "description", "shortdescription", etc?

Or are they more like the way classes are setup in the base d20, as individual "formattedtext" nodes that contain all the information in one big blob?

The reason I ask, is that I am creating a custom character sheet for my personal use, and I want to extend the feat, skill and equipment lists to accept drag-n-drop addition, similar to the way the spelllist currently works. Ideally, I'd be able to drag a "featdesc" link to the feat list and have a new entry created containing "name" and "shortdesc" (for example).

October 26th, 2005, 03:06

If you are the same person that emailed me on this, then check your email. If you require more information email off the forums. 8)

Thanks for the interest!

October 26th, 2005, 17:09
Yes, that would be me :)