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October 15th, 2005, 17:11
Hey folks.

I've downloaded and played around with the FG demo, but haven't played it with a group yet. Looking for a good, mature group that is looking for a new player, or to find a similar set of players who wants to form up what could be a long running regular group.

I've been playing RPGs since about 1987. BUT, its been years since I've REALLY played. I'd love to get back into the hobby again. (But be nice to me because I have not kept up with rules. :) And don't ask me to GM for a long while... I'd rather have fun than be a rules lawyer, and I like roleplaying and hack-n-slash in equal amounts.

I'll play just about anything. I grew up playing Palladium FRP, Cyberpunk, Paranoia, Warhammer FRP, most of the other Palladium Press titles and lots of other wierd ones and some D&D. I'd love to find other diverse background 'old school' players that know what dungeon crawling is all about.

I'd also like to find a game thats using Teamspeak or Skype or similar voice tech. I'd rather not type out a whole game. :)

Don't know how much you can do with the demo vs. the full client, and though i'd like to try it out for real before I buy, I'd buy it first if I needed it to play with the group.

I'm in Indiana, which means (this year) we don't change for daylight savings time. That means that I'm Central now and then at the end of October I go back to Eastern. (Don't ask, I just live here.)

Vulgrin the Mad

October 15th, 2005, 21:29
I'll have time tonight (October 15th) to test it with yah. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] You can also reach me on msn at [email protected] Keep in mind, the Demo version does not work with the Full version. You can only connect to Demo servers hosted with the Demo version.

Unfortunately, since the Demo is very limiting campaign-wise, the best I can do is try to get a friend to join so you can duo-group for a bit. I don't think anyone really wants to try out the whole Tale of Drior adventure completely, so the most I'll probably do is run a short little test session so you can learn all the nice features. Maybe a small little hack and slash.

I will not lie, you will absolutely love this application. Part of that is from how ridiculously passionate people here are about it (so odds are you will be too), but part of it is also from the heart. While the application is not incredibly feature-rich, it's incredibly user-friendly and they've targetted alot of the primary aspects of table-top gaming.

I run a series of adventures with the full version at the moment. But I've already started some preparation on the next adventure Mistwell Melodies, which you are welcome to join should there be a spot open and should you decide to purchase the application. You can review a revised history of the current Adventure in my signature to see if my style of DMing interests you. (Note: Do not be fooled by the detail of the chapters, they were revised. The actual roleplay was MUCH more laxed.)

A warning, you cannot currently upgrade from the Lite version to the Full version, but Smite Works claims they will enable such a feature sometime in the future. If you ever plan on hosting your own sessions someday, keep this well in mind.

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October 15th, 2005, 21:40
If you are not adverse to playing Sat mornings, I have a running game here (http://forums.fantasygrounds.com/viewtopic.php?t=194&highlight=return+temple). We start on sat mornings at 10 AM EST and run until 2 PM EST. Party level is currently about 5th level.

The mix:

Cleric of Pelor 5th Level
Monk 5th level
Fighter Thief 2/3
Evoker ~5th level
Fighter 5th Level

So, we could always use a Ranger or a Druid in the mix. Or another fighter would be good.

Let me know by Joining my group at yahoo in my WWW link, or PM me.