View Full Version : Looking for 5e group available any time

December 30th, 2016, 21:49
looking to join a 5e dungeon and dragon group I been playing 5e since it came out and been playing d&d for over 20 years

December 31st, 2016, 00:18
Welcome grohduk. as this forum is used by people all over the world many of the any times could be in your wee hours in the morning. posting your timezone and best availability helps too. but most importantly you need to go looking thru the games that GMs have posted. There are a bunch of recent games you can express your interest in. you will find this is a much faster way to get into a game.

http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?35828-FGDaze-Delver-s-Society-Dungeon-Race and other FGDaze sessions are also a good start.