View Full Version : D&D 5e - One Shot Mini Dungeon - 9 pm EST

December 23rd, 2016, 23:10
I'm looking to DM a mini dungeon tonight at 9 pm EST since another game fell through. It's a 5e dungeon and is for 4-5 Level 2-3 players, so feel free to make a Level 2 PC and have him ready to go if you're interested.

The only thing I ask is that you either A) use a standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) for your stats OR you can roll your ability scores prior to starting (say @ 8:30 EST). So if you create your character, give yourself the race bonuses, as per normal, but don't apply your main ability scores unless you're using standard array.

Not sure how long this'll last as it's all last minute, but if you're looking to just crush a dungeon, let me know. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.



December 24th, 2016, 00:02
...let me get back to you in a bit. I need a shower, and then I want to look up an article 'bout a cleric build...

December 24th, 2016, 00:11
I might be down. Let's see where the night takes us.

December 24th, 2016, 00:21
MeKonopa, if you're planning on playing what class do you want?

December 24th, 2016, 00:24
I'll be playing a human cleric. I just remembered a couple of things I need to take care of, so I probably won't have time to try out the new build I wanted to (as I still have to check the rules and actually build it), so it'll probably be a pure healing focus at lv 3 (this is a pre made character, using the standard array stats). back in a bit.

December 24th, 2016, 00:25
Guys - its a one shot - your character is disposable. It takes about 5mins to roll one up :)

December 24th, 2016, 00:45
...let me get back to you in a bit. I need a shower, and then I want to look up an article 'bout a cleric build...

We may have someone running a holiday-themed one-shot if I can goad him into it. Hit me up with a PM and I'll give you details.

December 24th, 2016, 00:53
Perfect time to try things out you've always wanted to.

December 24th, 2016, 00:59

Rules have changed. I don't know what the new GM wants to roll, but I will not be DMing now. PM me if you're interested in joining in a holiday-themed one shot. Again, no Level 2 PCs

December 24th, 2016, 01:15
Darnit, sorry all I've got to back out. Got to go jumpstart my roomates car. in the rain.

This'll be fun.