View Full Version : Game tonight (9th october) 9pm gmt+1

October 9th, 2005, 16:55
We could use one more player for our game of d&d 3.5. If anyone is interested in playing send me a pm.

We will use characters and races from the players handbook.

The adventure is Orcfest. The adventure party has just starte to explore a ruined temple so noth much has happened..(yet..muahahwhw!)

Again this will happen at 9pm gmt+1 (9th october). This should be ok even for the americans i think this will be around 1-3 pm there.

Also note: Im not that experienced dm so well..bear with me. Havent memorized the rules yet. This is also my first adventure for fg. Im using single adventures to get used to fg so I am ready for a big campaign of Eberron in a while :)