View Full Version : Amazing Adventures?

November 9th, 2016, 17:20
I see that Amazing Adventures is also a SIEGE Engine game, and TLG is putting out a few adventures which have both C&C and AA sections. Are they more or less the same? Like, someone could do an extension for C&C ruleset and ::poof:: they're playing AA?

November 9th, 2016, 22:46
As far as I know, all SIEGE engine games utilize the same game mechanisms, so there shouldn't be any reason you couldn't just use the C&C ruleset for it. I don't think an extension would even be required. At most, you might just want to do a theme. From what I'm told, themes aren't that hard to do. Damned or someone else knowledgeable with them can likely get you started in the right direction.

November 10th, 2016, 01:26
I have AA and yes it should be able to be done using an Extension - quite an involved one but yes.
Same with Star Siege although I dont have that one.