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September 21st, 2005, 10:25
OKay I had asked at the end of an old post, it also relates to another post.., but I'm kinda pressed for time, so gotta spam, sorry!! I have the NPC XML charater maker, and it seems to work fine, couple of questions about the first few selections, what do these mean?;
Node Name:?
and Type:?
Type I assume is class, but I think I should be sure. Is there a read me that I can get my hands on?
Now the main problem I have is ,how do I get the .xml NPC's into my copy of FG? I've looked and cannot find an explanation that I understand, most seem familar with the process, so gloss over the little things usually, no crtitisiscm intented. I just need a walkthrough of how to get the .xml file into my campaign. Thanks a lot. Grai

September 22nd, 2005, 09:09
The NPC XML Creator is something I knocked up quickly because there was a request for it, I have not used myself yet and I think it's a bit flaky...

A new version will be done (with some notes on how to use it) when the new NPC stat block is created by others on this board.

But a brief explanation is in order...

Add the following to db.xml in your campaign folder:

<node name="npc">
<category name="" mergeid="" baseicon="0" decalicon="0">

This will hold all the entries that are created.

The XML file that is created needs to be copied between the category entries e.g.

<category name......
<node name="00001" category="">
<stringvalue name="ac" value="13, touch 13, flatfooted 11 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +1 class)"/>

Node Name - FG stores each NPC as a numerical number (so make sure that every time you create a NPC you increase the node number.

Category - This was a requested (I do not know what it does though)

Type - Again this was a field used by FG I think the idea is to put class details or type e.g. Humanoid, Beast, etc.

Sorry for the lack of notes as I say I knocked this up as quick fix for someone (I am terrible at remembering handles) on this board and have not looked at it since.

Hope the above helps in some way....

September 23rd, 2005, 21:40
Thanks Doswelk, sorry for the spammage. Grai