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Kitsune Zeta
November 4th, 2016, 16:48
I've started creating a ruleset for Wise Turtle's OVA: The Anime RPG. Right now, two substantial parts of the ruleset are done. First, the character sheet for players is more or less functionally complete in terms of storing all the information for characters (including their set of standard attacks). Second, the ruleset is capable of calculating the results of skill checks done for OVA (which is the sole reason why the ruleset does anything with the chat window at this point - for whatever reason, CoreRPG doesn't even acknowledge the existence of onDiceTotal), and in most cases (i.e. when not doing Manual Dice Entry, which sidesteps most dice processing), will sort the dice in line with how the actual rulebook sorts the dice in example rolls.

I have NOT fully tested out the ruleset with CoreRPG 3.2, the ruleset was developed with 3.1.7 [mostly due to me being unaware that 3.2 was being released so soon]. I have already made one bugfix due to the Manual Dice Entry feature completely bypassing normal dice processing. (this can cause a script error due to me assuming, naively, that the lowest possible value on a d6 could be a 1. That oversight has been fixed in the OVA Ruleset). I haven't run into any issues other than that (even GM-owned PCs appears to work correctly).

Things end-users need to know:

Skill rolls can be performed by either drag-and-dropping the Attack Roll of an attack or with the /ovaroll modifier message slash command.
All skill rolls in this ruleset use the modifier stack in the modifier widget. This means you can build a roll with the modifier widget and then just do /ovaroll 0 roll description here.

Other than that, functionality should be similar to CoreRPG. CTRL does negation on drag-and-drop numbers, most (if not all) of the CoreRPG slash commands work, and most of the windows that I didn't touch work as they do in CoreRPG.

Draconis Imp
June 28th, 2018, 23:51
Hi! First of all I would like to thank you for putting in all the work you did to make this. My only issue was that it still used the CoreRPG default NPC sheet instead of having one similar to the PC sheets. So I burglarized your code and the Core RPG code to edit the NPC sheets. I've attached the .pak file with the edited record_npc.xml file. It's not pretty, but it's functional.