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Lee S.
September 19th, 2005, 02:10
Hello, I'm going to attempt to DM another Eberron campaign.

When: Saturday evenings, 6pm central. Most likely will be run bi-weekly so that folks haev a chance to have a life on alternate saturdays. Hoping to start on staurday, Oct 1.

Where: FG Software. Players will be given the login code.

What kinds of players: I'm asking that players be 18 and up. In previous games, younger, more immature players ruined the experience for others.

What you will need: 3.5 Player Handbook, Eberron Campaign Setting, a good grasp on D&D, a good attitude, in some cases, the Complete series may be very useful, Eberron expansion books if you prefer.

Basic Idea of this campaign: Players will use one of the campaigns pre-generated characters (similar to Mark of Heroes Fast Play characters). These characters are already written into parts of the story (hooks, plot points, etc). Players will also be able to pick names for their characters. What you do with your character after you begin play is your business.

Players will recieve a packet of information about their character before the first game. It will give some general background information on who the character is, what he or she is like and some general goals. If there are any underlying secrets to the character's past, they will be in this packet.

Characters will be starting at level 5. Players may redistribute skill points and choose their spell selection.

If you wish to join, please email me ([email protected]) with your name and what type of character you wish to play. As I get players, I will edit this post to let new viewers know what types of classes we still need.

Warforged Psychic Warrior (high ac, good BAB, some psi powers) OFFERED
Halfling Paladin from Talenta Plains (would have dinosaur mount)

Changeling Spellthief TAKEN
Changeling Ranger

Elf Cleric of the Dying Court
Shifter Druid (Dreamsight trait)

Half Elf Sorcerer/Favored Soul (huge ammount of spells)* TAKEN
Human Warlock

Warforged Artificer TAKEN
Kalashtar Monk

*Notes: The sorcer/fav soul is intended to be a mystic theurge. The sorcerer and mystic theurge are being playtested with some minor skill and bonus feat additions. The shifter druid is intended to become a moonspeaker. The changeling ranger is built using a high dexterity for bow combat and weapon finesse.

Also keep in mind that I am attempting to ger my RPGA membership and Herald lvl DM Certification. When that happens, I would be able to hold RPGA sanctioned games.

September 22nd, 2005, 20:35
sign me up for the changer (shifter?) ranger (although a scout would be nice!).

let me know when you get started. looking forward to it!

thnx for setting it up.

tahl at pk1475 dot org

September 23rd, 2005, 17:11
I'll take the Half Elf Sorc/Favored Soul.

[Also, I probably have 2 more players who would like to play... both are experienced and great fun to play with.]

September 26th, 2005, 08:14
You still have room for another player?
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