View Full Version : Old School CoC player and GM question. 7th ed vs 5th ed? Differences?

October 18th, 2016, 06:07
Title says it all what are the differences between 5th and 7th? Most of my experience is with 5th and earlier. I would like to try CoC on FG. Is it mostly the same? Or radically different?

October 18th, 2016, 07:54
Call of Cthulhu is essentially the same game.
The mechanics have changed a little each edition but its the same game.

October 18th, 2016, 19:58
Not many changes between 5e (or 6e for that matter) and 7e - the big one is stats/abilities are percentages too (basically the previous value x 5), the resistance table goes away, introduction of skill check difficulties (standard, hard, extreme) and some mechanics to give investigators a slightly better chance of succeeding at skill checks (pushing a check and the luck points mechanic).

There's the 7e quickstart rules (free) here: http://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC/CHA23131%20Call%20of%20Cthulhu%207th%20Edition%20Q uick-Start%20Rules.pdf

"The New Edition" section (with the following sub-sections) give a good overview of what stays and what's new in CoC 7e: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/448333182/call-of-cthulhu-7th-edition/description#h:the-new-edition

For Fantasy Grounds: There is a 6e ruleset available here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/product.xcp?id=DGA070 With quite a few supporting scenarios here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/?sys=4&pub=-1&typ=3&search=&sort=1

There is a CoC 7e extension that helps to run 7th Ed on the 6e ruleset here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?23483-CoC-7e-Rules-Extension-Release

There is a full (commercial) 7th edition ruleset in development too. Two events at FG Con this last weekend were ran using a test copy of this in development ruleset.

Exciting times for Call of Cthulhu on Fantasy Grounds! :)

October 21st, 2016, 04:52
Great info Trenloe! I definitely hope to find some CoC games......if there is a good ongoing weekly or semi weekly 7E campaign I would be very interested in joining.