View Full Version : Anyone play or incorporate the Nephilim RPG into CoC?

October 18th, 2016, 06:02
Hey just got started in FG, and have played only a couple of 5E games. I am anxious to get into some CoC and in fact looking for a good group to join. decades ago when I was playing table top regularly I was GM frequently for CoC. Right before our gaming group sort of split up due to life and age, I had purchased the Nephilim RPG. I actually had first found an excellent resource book module for it, and thought it was CoC, and only got the RPG after realizing it was another game based on pretty much identical system. It's always been an idea in my head to incorporate it into a CoC campaign......as they work nearly flawlessly together. Or if only as a background to events the investigators must discover. Anyway Just wondered if anyone here was familiar with this little known gem, and had tried it or made it part of the CoC games. It also would give a perfect reason for players to play an ongoing character in Cthulhu even if their current host dies. Or likewise might be used for a nemesis that might continue to plague them through many hosts. Anyway just mentioning for conversation, and or to share an idea.


October 18th, 2016, 06:15
This was the sourcebook BTW that first drew me to the Niphilim game. I have read both this and the Niphilim RPG, but never did run a campaign.....via that game or CoC

It also has Cthulhu by Gaslight info built in, so it can be used pretty much for that purpose in CoC.