View Full Version : Wider Pen Width, anyone?

September 14th, 2005, 20:46
I know this has been mentioned, but I think it needs more attention paid to it. As it is the pen is useless to me. The line is so fine as to make it pretty hard to see, and having to go back over the line 4 or 5 times to darken it, well it doesnt really have the desired effect.
The first thing I do when using any pen, line drawing tool in any grafix program is jack the pen width up, a line that is a mil, or a half mil thik is much more ashtetically pleasing, and functional.
As it is I cant just make a x to mark something, because I cannot trust that my players would even be able to see it. This essentially renders the draw function as useless. I cant count how many times I have seen this request, and before the dev team moves off of graphics based issues, can we please have a wider pen, please, pretty please.Thanks for your consideration. Grai

September 14th, 2005, 22:14
A whole new drawinig tool is being added. I also asked if changing the width of the tool was going to be an option and was told 'yes'.

Colors will be added as well. I think the post was started by Goblin King and he has screen shots of what it will look like if you want to check it out.


September 15th, 2005, 18:46
I have one word, AWESOME.

I will also add that I think its pretty cool how the devs are 'developing' this application. Rather than load FG up with features that only a select few will use, it seems they have deliberatley started with a simplistic platform, to which they can slowly, and in demand to the desire, add 'key' features that they know are needed . So rather than a huge amount of bells and whistles few will use,the FG dev team seems to be going for the 'essentials'. Good Job Dev Team. Grai