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September 8th, 2005, 22:37
What: Forgotten Realms
When: 7-11 pm EDT GMT -4
We are looking for Mature players 20's to 40's who want to do a serious online campaign.
32 point build.
Good Alignment.
And most importantly in-character roleplaying where we remain in character without "out of game" comments and jokes.
If your interested we normally play Wednesday evenings.

Let me know ASAP if youre interested!

Brother Adriac
September 9th, 2005, 01:27
I would be interested in joining your campaign. I have played D&D, along with a few other RPG's, since the mid-70's. I love playing all the classes, and coming up with new, and different, character concepts.

Wednesday evenings works great for me, except for this coming week. I will be without the internet due to moving into a new house.

Thanks for you consideration,

September 9th, 2005, 02:40
I'm a 30 year old gamer and I would enjoy being in a game at the time you have specified. I am in CA so I am reaonably close to your time zone.

October 7th, 2005, 06:11
I can play a Wed game. And while i wont tell you my real age since i dont give out personal info i will say im old enough to drink and to young to collect social security. And i cant agree more with the OOC comment stuff especially since only a few play more then 3 hrs.

October 10th, 2005, 23:49
I would be interested if you need a player. I am also in the eastern time zone. I have played a few times but I am green at this.
Staying in character is not a problem for me. I am 33 and currently starting a pnp campaing for my 12 year old son(my first one and his), but I would be interested in a more mature game also. Let me know at [email protected]

October 11th, 2005, 00:00
sure add me in if there's still room. Im in the west coast. Im looking at several other games, but looks like there's only one game so far i'll be joining and another on wed won't be a problem. my other contact is msnrocker2000 on aim.

October 11th, 2005, 20:55
please contact me if you're still looking.

tahl at pk1475 dot org

thnx and looking forward to it.