View Full Version : LFG for D&D one-shot(s) to expand my horizons

September 21st, 2016, 22:12
I am looking for one or more one-shot adventures where I can try out some races and classes that I'm not used to playing. I currently only feel comfortable playing a human cleric or fighter, but I'd like to learn a bit more about how other classes/races work through experience, without being stuck with my choices for a long adventure should my play style not fit with the character I've chosen. I have had some experience with a 3.5e Fighter about 8 years ago, but most of my experience is as a Cleric in Pathfinder, 4e, and 5e over the last month or so. I've never played anything other than human.

I would prefer to do a 5th edition D&D one-shot, but I am open to any D&D system (or Pathfinder). I currently only have a free license, but I could upgrade to standard if needed. I am in the US Eastern time zone, which is GMT-5 normally, GMT-4 currently due to Daylight Savings Time. I'm free just about any time except Thursday nights and Saturday evenings. This week, I will also be unavailable on Sunday (9/25) from about 12:00 until about 4:00.

My schedule is subject to change at the moment, so I'm not looking to join any new campaigns until it gets more settled.