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September 21st, 2016, 21:41
Hey folks, my DM and I are trying to evaluate if this tool would alleviate some of the strain we have when using MapTools. Currently there are a few different things that we haven't been able to find any useful information on and ill list them below.

1. Dex/Int ranks during combat. I know this is something that should theoretically be optional in the core ruleset for BRP but as i have no way to test it without buying it, can someone speak up on how it is handled? We basically just dont use the rules in our MapTools campaigns because the custom macro scripting to create a table with all of the dex ranked actions would take to long to develop and probably be more of a detriment to our sessions than a boon. MapTools seems to be pretty prone to issues with the macros themselves due to the lack of propper debugging functionality.

2. we have some custom macros for the BRP spells and powers we have built over the last few years to handle players taking damage, as well as to calculate the hit locations, severity of injury, and to add area of effect to spells and how the damage is distributed among all affected targets. We have a whole home grown macro library the drives much of this functionality. How much of the optional and standard rules is going to come with the core rule set functionality and how much will need to be scripted with LUA?

3 How easy is it to add, duplicate, or modify the built in power sets or skills in the core rule set? Does doing so effect functionality of the program?

Our campaign takes place in a custom world that we both have a lot of effort invested in, i requirement is going to be the ability to add to the base BRP ruleset.

Thanks for your time!

September 24th, 2016, 02:04
1. Strike Ranks are baked into the current version of the ruleset.
2. With a Fantasy Grounds extension to BRP, you can short circuit/change some or all of the ruleset's functionality.
3. Easy. Skills and Skill Categories are easily redefinable as well as formulas for calculating base values.

There is a much newer version of the ruleset currently in development that will be infinitely more flexible, but the short answer is yes, the fantasy grounds version of BRP is as close to baseline BRP as possible and should do well for you.

-- BRP Dev