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September 7th, 2005, 03:50
I'm going to be hosting a Planescape Campaign, and depending on which of my gaming friends actually commit, we'll have room for a couple more players.

Is there any interest in Planescape out there? Send me a message via these forums.

September 8th, 2005, 04:32
I am definitely interested in playing in a Planescape campaign. Which edition of D&D will you be using?

September 8th, 2005, 06:12
Well, I don't own any of the 3.5 stuff... and am mostly familiar with 2nd.

But I'm in the process of converting the Planescape stuff from 2nd to the 3rd edition because the d20 is just so much easier to use. So I guess the best answer would be 3rd edition.

September 12th, 2005, 04:04
Ok, looks like we have room for 2 more players.

After gathering my resources and such, here's the basic rundown:

Planescape, converted to 3.5e. We are old time players (11+ years each) that have taken some time off, and are just getting back into it all. We probably won't be rule mongers and such to begin, until we get back up to speed.

I've got alot of time invested in setting up the campaign module and such, and am looking forward to running a fairly long lasting campaign.

We are looking at meeting up every Tuesday or Thursday night for 3-4 hours or so, (7pm CST -ish)

One of my players will also be running his own custom campaign, so players will be given to option to join that as well, if desired.

Any interest, shoot me a PM with contact info and we can get you all set up.

September 19th, 2005, 21:16
We are starting up our first session this Thursday at 7pm CST. We have room for one more person, if anyone is interested.

No prior knowledge of the planes is required... our party will begin with a mix of planars and primes.

September 20th, 2005, 21:22
if you still have room for another player, would you mind email me at [email protected]

i would like to join your campaign


September 20th, 2005, 23:33
Well said Cutter! PM me your alias, and I'll see about dropping by to Lurk. Maybe glue the chatboxes of a few cutters!

Cant wait!

Yours to the LOP,