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Nate Grey
September 7th, 2016, 16:25
So I saw a listing on there that was running Storm King's Thunder over a week that had like 15 signups for 4 slots and while that's likely an uncommon occurrence I had a few questions regarding that as it got me thinking to do something similar.

Is the selection process there simply first-signed-up, first-served, or does the DM still have the ability to screen? I noticed that that listing in particular mentioned preference given to regular attendees.

Is it allowed to link from there to a thread here? I haven't tried it out myself so I'm not sure if the DM can directly message/email those who sign up, but even then I'd find that method to be cumbersome for screening.

When running a hardcover, is there some requirement that there be x number of players playing in y sessions, or from one session to the next? It's probably the worst case scenario, but can you actually have a totally different set of players from one session to the next, and you still continue the story from where you left off last session, and you continue doing that and it'll count as having completed the hardcover?

Might have other questions that elude me at the moment.

September 7th, 2016, 17:11
The DM still has the ability to screen, however he would want to do it in such a way as to not anger the mob. He wouldn't want to be arbitrary or anything. Sign up position is important, but you have to narrow the field from there. Specifically in a hardcover situation, you want to prioritize those that have played in the previous adventures, and probably further prioritize the ones that played the most. In the module episodes, it's almost the opposite is true. Priority is given to those PLAYERS that have not played before. A Player may have played a rogue the first time through now he wants to play a wizard; perfectly legal, but he will be usually bumped if there is person that hasn't played through it at all.

Some DMs also prioritize on responses to emails, or classes, or other qualifications. As long as the DM is up front about it, then there's not really a problem, although I don't do it. But DMs are free to run their games the way they want as long as they follow the ALPG & ALDG.

I'm not following your question about linking. What do you mean? The DM can email the players/signups and vice versa for communication at any time.

As long as you are between 3-7 players, it's a legal game. While a set group of players for a hardcover is always better, AL is setup so as to allow players to come and go, and even to play at different locations. As far as completing the hardcover is concerned, I assume you are referring to the DM Quest. The "DM" Quest. So, yes, it's the DM that has to play the full hardcover. the players are irrelevant to the quest.

Hit me with more.

Nate Grey
September 7th, 2016, 17:31
Thanks for the response, and good stuff to know.

Regarding the sign-up position, specifically I was thinking if it was ok to reserve a slot or two for "offline" recruitment for someone who doesn't use the site, though that's not really a huge deal if not. (I had somewhat of a lackluster response with my local community the first time I said I was planning to run SKT on FG, but I thought I'd give them another shot).

More importantly it's good to know that one can screen based on engagement, and commitment to the schedule/regularity, as you mentioned, which was as I was planning/had hoped.

Regarding the linking, I meant if it was ok to link to a site outside of ALOnlineTools in the game notes, specifically a thread here on the forums, instead of doing back and forth via email.

September 7th, 2016, 17:50
The site has a setting for reserve seats. So you can say things like 7 max, 2 reserved.

Yeah, you can put the URL in the description. I don't think you can create a link though, I don't think it has the functionality, it will just be text. Never tried. But yes, it's allowed.

Nate Grey
September 7th, 2016, 18:13
Great! Thanks again.