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September 2nd, 2005, 23:23
Greetings, all.

I've been DMing in various versions of D&D for the last 20 years or so. I currently run a sporadic 3.5 game for my oldest two sons. I used to sink incredible amounts of time into f2f and online RPG (D&D text-based, non-MUD, with a real live DM. Not video game "RPGs") So, my wife is very much against me participating in an online RPG that takes place during my kids' waking hours.

Accordingly, I'm tentatively considering running a game after 9 or 10 Pacific Time (which is GMT - 8). The Fantasy Grounds software package looks exquisite for online gaming, but there's no benefit to investing time & money into it until I find out if there are enough players out there to support my late-night time slot. I think I'm hoping mainly for Australian or Asian players; anyone else would have to be a vampire to be awake at the hours I'm requesting. :)

The campaign is my own, but it isn't overly different from a Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms kind of setting. In other words, I don't have many house rules and they aren't very extreme. Nobody will have any difficulty adjusting to the setting.

I run games where role-playing is the focus. Combat happens, but often it doesn't happen for several sessions. I think that my kids were level 4 or 5 before they got into their first actual fight. And, they were both pure fighters, not wizards or rogues or some light-combat class like that. :) The focus is on personality development and questing, rather than powergaming, accumulating magic items, and doing 20+ points of damage per round of combat.

I also try to run non-linear campaigns. I set the stage and react to both NPC and PC actions, and I run various plotlines in the background... but nothing is scripted, and player choices affect things for good or for ill. I particularly enjoy running well-developed NPCs with depth and personality. That's the aspect of my DMing that I'm most often complimented on.

If anyone is available and interested in an ongoing weekly or bi-monthly campaign that happens after 9 or 10 pm PST (GMT - 7), post and let me know. If there is enough interest, I'll probably spring for the Fantasy Grounds software and learn how to use it. The last time I played online D&D, I dumped over 200 hours into building my own pure-text gaming platform. Fantasy Grounds looks like a slice of heaven in comparison. :)

If anyone is familiar with the online AD&D world of Thardferr, yeah, I'm the same Myth who used to run games there. ;)

What's your AC (flat-footed)?

September 4th, 2005, 08:11
I'm avaiable and interested

September 4th, 2005, 13:07
I'm feeling tired at the moment, and therefore not as optimistic as I might otherwise be, but I could be interested in playing. Depends on the day I suppose ;). I am also in PST, and tend to stay up late.

September 5th, 2005, 04:14
I'm very interested. Send me a pm or post here. :)

September 6th, 2005, 21:52
Wow. Three interested players right off the bat. Very cool.

I talked to my wife and hesitantly put forward the idea of playing online D&D again. She contained her joy, somehow... but she also managed not to froth at the mouth, which is a good sign. So, I'm just waiting until my work & school schedules aren't so hectic, then I'll acquire Fantasy Grounds and learn to use it, and set up a night to play.

Likely candidates for my Game Night are Monday or Thursday nights. Do either of those nights work for anyone?

3 Players is probably a great way to start out until I'm more familiar with the platform. 4 would be fine, too, and 5 is possible. I used to run 6 or 7 players online in my heyday, but that was on a platform I'd built.

For those who are interested, we can start working on characters if you'd like. There aren't any huge oddities for the setting. There are some house rules but I can explain them as you encounter them.

You can PM me or email me or post here, whichever you prefer.

I don't allow evil or Chaotic Neutral characters unless there are strong built-in motivations to cleave to the group. Group infighting destroys play in my experience and I just prefer to avoid it.


September 7th, 2005, 05:15
Both of those nights could potentially work with me, and I will likely be able to get a 4th player (95% sure, so go ahead and reserve it.)

I'll PM you with some char ideas. :)

Sounds like fun! Cant wait!

September 7th, 2005, 10:06
Thursday would be good for me. Mondays much less so :/.

September 8th, 2005, 00:06
Myth, players are not hard to come by around here, I started a campaign with three of my old players from previous campaigns and have already had numerous inquiries about playing in my Thursday (must be a popular night!) night game as well.

September 22nd, 2005, 01:44
Unfortunately, it looks like this campaign has to be shelved for now. My home internet connection is 28.8 baud and that just isn't likely to be realistic for a DM with Fantasy Grounds. If in the future I upgrade my internet to high-speed, or I get a computer at work that meets FG's requirements, I'll certainly return and get a game started.

Until then, farewell!


September 22nd, 2005, 08:51
What was the point?