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August 31st, 2005, 18:12
Fantasy Grounds patch v1.05

We're pretty happy with the changes in this one. Although it has been tested, I know some of you have lots of data entered into your campaigns, and the patch includes some changes to the data base format. Before starting a patched version for the first time it's always as good a time as ever to go into your campaign folder and take a back up of that db.xml file. Just to be safe. 8)

Go get it on the downloads (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/downloads) page.

New features
Images were the special focus of this patch:
You can zoom images using the mouse wheel or by keeping the control key depressed while using the scroller gizmo and dragging up and down.
Small images automatically zoom in if image frame resizing would otherwise cause the image to appear smaller than the frame.
A navigator mode is available to the GM in the image radial menu. In this mode the GM can quickly view the entire image in the frame and quickly move from one part to another.
A grid overlay in effect on images will be saved when the application is closed and later opened.
When setting the grid, the size of the grid square in pixels will be displayed.
Drawing options have been moved to a subradial. An eraser tool is available in drawing mode that allows erasing a part of the drawing layer.
The GM can lock the drawing layer, preventing the players from creating drawing strokes.
For images without bitmaps (i.e. with a drawing layer only), the image is no longer restricted to the bounds of the frame. The GM can extend the drawing canvas if more drawing space is needed on any side.
The token scale can be locked allowing tokens to zoom along with the image.
Pointers can be manipulated (repositioned, redirected) using handles that appear when the mouse is hovered over the pointer.
Individual pointers can be deleted via a radial menu option. The "Remove all pointers" option will remove all pointers created by the user in the selected image for players, and all the pointers created by all the users for the GM.
Images are not limited to a fixed maximum size. Users should keep in mind that the system resource requirements posed by large images increase exponentially with image size.
You can use any sheet link icon to create a shortcut on an image. To do this, select "Enable Shortcuts" from the image radial menu, and drag links onto the image. The pins indicating the shortcuts will be invisible when not in this mode. You can temporarily access the shortcut mode by keeping the control key pressed.
Modules can be exported and imported with categories (tabs) intact. Some modules can be defined to use a common category for some of their data. See the Workshop message board on the website for more details.
Category tabs can be labeled using text tooltips. To create a label, drag text onto the tab.
Custom rulesets can now be declared compatible with existing rulesets for the purpose of importing data, e.g. modules. To use, include the following in your ruleset definition:

<acceptfrom ruleset="d20" />
You can substitute any ruleset for the name, and include several "acceptfrom" entries.[/list:u:7aa78a5144]Fixes
The turn indicator should no longer go out of sync under certain circumstances.
Invalid images found at some locations should no longer cause the program to crash when creating/browsing characters locally.
Fixed an issue causing some utility sheets creating invalid hot keys when dragged to the hot key bar.
Fixed a bug that would crash the program when working with empty text fields in the story, NPC and item books.
Miscellaneous fixesUpdated definition files