View Full Version : Introduction: Test Run: New players welcome. Full license is required.

August 17th, 2016, 05:04
FG License: GM has Full, thus a full is required to play.
Game System: 5e

Time Zone: EST
Day Wednesday
EDT: Wed 8pm
CDT: Wed 7pm
PDT: Wed 5pm
UK: Thurs 1am
JST: Thurs 9am
AEST: Thurs 10am

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Teamspeak

Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
Number of Players in game & needed: 3
Character starting level & equipment: level 1 with starting equipment and a potion of healing
Character restrictions: Core; non-core needs DM approval.

Details of your scenario: This will be a test run of my opening for my campaign, all players are welcome and I will accept up to 8 players. If you want to pre make characters, you are more than welcome. Starting level 1.
The Hook:
You have returned to Waterdeep to bury, old Hodge. This man told you stories in your youth, and brought bread and cheese to you and your friends growing up. A letter reached you just two days ago and you felt compelled to go see your old friend off into the after life.
What to expect:
This campaign is equal parts who done it, and stop the bad guys.
The Game:
There will be traps, puzzles, and riddles. Fights of the most epic nature and moments of heroic valor.

For the price of only 4-5 hours a Sunday you can be a part of this.

Any questions please PM me or leave me a message here.

Link to Gamecalendar page: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=2141

August 17th, 2016, 05:12

August 17th, 2016, 15:12
I am in. I am a bit confused as to when we play. Is it just Sundays?

August 17th, 2016, 15:56
Wilkeskyle there is two parts of this, tonight Wednesday evening. Is a 1 time adventure, for anyone that is interested... It is the essential first "adventure of my campaign"....

The campaign itself plays, Sunday morning and it is looking for 3 more players currently. That is going to play Sunday Mornings EDT. Both are posted in looking for group.

August 17th, 2016, 16:05
Ok. I unfortunately work 24 hours today. And this Sunday I am white water rafting. Maybe another game some time.

August 17th, 2016, 16:27
I'm absolutely down to do this. Sunday morning are perfect for me. let me know what i need and where to meet and Ill be there.

August 17th, 2016, 16:55
nickchinn I am sending you an invite to the Sunday Morning Campaign then.. That is not a one shot so you know....

August 17th, 2016, 19:43
Multiple Spots still open for this game, Server opens for character creation at 7pm EDT.

August 20th, 2016, 09:21
What about Sunday campaign? I have no idea when that starts and that he day after tomorrow. I can create a character today and have it ready but what time do I log in and have my dice warm?

August 20th, 2016, 12:59
nickchinn I invited you to the Sunday Morning Game.

August 21st, 2016, 12:56
Hello there if you still have an opening for the sunny morning campaign I'll like to join. I can use a premade character if you like. I don't want to make anybody wait

August 21st, 2016, 16:18
nickchinn I invited you to the Sunday Morning Game.

Had a family emergency, I'm still out in town. If you will allow it, I can pick up where we left off next week. I should be home from the hospital around 2:00pm

August 21st, 2016, 21:56
I would be happy to join your adventure! Let me know if there is a spot or sub. Sounds fun for my ranger thief hunter