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July 14th, 2016, 21:47
Hello all you happy gamers!

My name is Scott and I'm in need of one additional player to fill out my current D&D 5e campaign. I currently have a group of 4 that I am running thru the Lost Mines of Phandelver to get our feet wet with 5e. As the GM, I am running one additional NPC to round the party out to 5 but I would love to replace that NPC with a warm body to add to my pile of player carnage.... I mean great live gamer to the group!!!

We play about once per month usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for about 5 hours. I am in the Central Unites States time zone and we have a game scheduled for Saturday July 23 at 2:00 pm CST(US).

We are a fun loving group with a great mix of role playing and combat. All of us are old (none under the age of 30, I'm 50!) and have a great deal of gaming experience. I would welcome anyone of any age, race, creed, gender or species. All I ask is that no "rules lawyers" or min-maxers apply. If you are someone new to 5e you are welcome to join.

The current party is 2nd level nearing 3rd level so I would have anyone joining start there. Our party is currently made up of the following characters:

Galbreth - elf fighter
Surley - half-orc fighter
Z-bart - halfling rogue
Balindra - elf cleric

The current NPC is an elf ranger that you could pick up and play or you could roll up a new character to play. If we roll a character up I would like to do it right in Fantasy Grounds within the campaign.

We currently use Google Hangouts to voice & video. I have an Ultimate license to you only need the demo version.

If you are interested. Please send me a PM and I will get in touch. I would love to interview each perspective player prior to our game session. That said I would like to make a decision this weekend if possible.

Thanks & happy gaming!

Scott your humble GM

July 14th, 2016, 22:06
Sending you a PM, very interested.

July 16th, 2016, 21:48
I am no longer looking for a player to fill out my group. Thanks for all the interest.