View Full Version : LFG 5E preferable but will try anything more than once.

July 11th, 2016, 03:41
Started playing D&D 5E at the local stores. I havent looked at a pc game, well until now anyway..., and I did play DOOM.

I think I want to get into playing D&D online. I've only played D&D and 5E. Nothing on paper inbetween except some wierd mech board game that I really don't remember from college. I have purchased all of the current material in physical form and from the dmsguild so I am hesitant if not a little miffed at having to but it all again and would like to join in some games either AL legal or not to check out this thing before I pay for the rules twice.

Anyone willing to have me drag along?

Characters that I have available

L2 Necro
L3 Champ
L4 Barb
L5 Bladesinger
L6 Ranger In Barovia(Will be getting out in the next week)

And a buncha ideas for others.

Anyway here's to more time in Faerun!


July 11th, 2016, 10:37
Hi Sisna, welcome!

The best thing to do is check the game calendar for games that are running at times you can play, and sign up for them.