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July 1st, 2016, 12:51
FG License: Standard License talking over FG Teamspeak Server

Time Zone: GMT +2 (South Africa)
Frequency, and time: One Shot (Sundays at 10 AM or Weekdays at 7 PM SAST/EET/GMT+2)
Term: One shots but will be running whenever I have time

D&D 5e Ye old Fantasy Setting

Calendar: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=2077

You find yourself captured and having to fight to entertain an enemy crowd.

I see a lot of games have level 1-3 games but I enjoy building characters so this will be more combat orientated and much of the fun I suppose will be creating the characters. I will probably pregen a few Level 5 characters as options but I encourage some interesting multi-class (Level 4/1 or 3/2 or 3/1/1) builds of your own, single class is fine though. You can make short backstories if you like there will be opportunities to use them. Still keeping it simple with only PHB though and standard array, but we can discuss homebrew variants beforehand.

July 3rd, 2016, 16:38
Just applied in the calendar. I have a human variant in mind who was born a druid, when he reached the age of 5 he was given to the monastery by his parents as they feared for his life. His village hates magic. after years of training he set out to find his parents and ended up working for a caravan where he trained with the mercenaries. After a few months he was captured.

July 4th, 2016, 10:30
Sweet, sounds cool! Can't wait to see it in action, please pop into Teamspeak at least half an hour early so I can look it over.

July 4th, 2016, 10:43
I ran into a bit of a problem today. I am writing an exam tomorrow at 9 and didn't click that today is the 4th until right now. I am so sorry that I have to drop you on such a short notice. :cry:

July 4th, 2016, 10:49
No worries man, you can stay active though so you can keep an eye out when I run this again. Good luck with your paper!

July 4th, 2016, 11:07
Thanks I really appreciate it.

July 6th, 2016, 06:16
Will be running again on Friday (08/07/2016) at 5 PM GMT / 7 PM South African Time.

July 8th, 2016, 07:06
Changing to Monday (11/07/2016) at 5 PM GMT / 7 PM South African Time.

July 11th, 2016, 03:10
Is this a PvP game or a one shot campaign. Would like to join if you have room

July 11th, 2016, 10:29
It's a short One-shot campaign. There is room, game should be running in about 7 hours.

July 11th, 2016, 17:49
Sorry if you still wanted to play but the games been cancelled.