View Full Version : Resistance table?

June 27th, 2016, 13:23
Is it possible to build the resistance table in FG? I know how to build simple tables with the in-game tool, but can't figure out if it's possible to build a two-axis table.

June 28th, 2016, 00:40
You can only have a single dice roll match to a row within a table. So I can't think of any non-complex way of implementing the BRP/COC resistance table in FG. One way you could do it is have many, many tables with each covering one of the possibilities of source vs target and then have a d%% roll for the table that results in Pass or Fail. e.g a table for 1 vs 20, 1 vs 19, 1vs 18... 2 vs 20, 2 vs 19, etc.. Which would be more complex than just having the resistance table set as a hotkey, quickly open it and reference what will be a success and then roll the d%%.

And, as an FYI, the resistance table doesn't exist in CoC 7E. One of the few significant changes in 7E compared to 6E and previous.