View Full Version : A tournament for all the new players?

August 9th, 2005, 03:29
Well, not a tournament really...

Someone had once suggested that we get a bunch of people together on a Friday night and have three or four sessions - three or four DMs each running the same module for a group of people. We could then take the weekend and each group could write up the adventure...kinda fun.

Think of it as OnlineCon '05. :lol:

The only reason I bring it up is that there seem to be a lot of new players and this might be a way to get a lot of people involved quickly in at least a one-shot so that everyone can get started playing.

Is this something that sounds interesting to anyone?

August 10th, 2005, 06:38
It definitely sounds interesting to me. It'd be a good chance for folks to get used to the software, meet some other FG users, and perhaps form the beginnings of a group (or make contacts for down the road).

So I'd certainly be in: I might even be able to run the one-shot as a DM, though I'm somewhat limited by bad RSI (so I can't use the computer too much or for too long) and would have to use a Teamspeak server to run the game.

Or I could just join as a player (though then, too, I'd need some form of voice-chat instead of type-chat).

Anyway, good idea!

August 10th, 2005, 13:57
Count me in MSD!


August 11th, 2005, 10:46
I'd like to register my interest if the time zone suited (GMT+12).

August 11th, 2005, 15:18
i would like to participate as a DM.. GMT+1 :D

August 13th, 2005, 04:10
Awesome...it looks like there is some interest out there.

We need a module to run. I would think there need to be a couple requirements.

1) Available to everyone without copyright infringment issues. This means that it is something you wrote that you are willing to distribute (and that itself does not contain copyright infringing material)

2) Something short. Ideally this is a night of fun so it has to be something that can be run in 3-4 hours.


August 13th, 2005, 16:54
Sounds great!
If I can help with anything - (and Im not working on that particular date) - I would like to participate - as player or GM...
Gila (GMT+1)

Ram Tyr
August 13th, 2005, 17:46
I'm game.

Depending on the day of the week actually selected, I would love to participate as a player.