View Full Version : How do you handle Magic Resistance in Fantasy Grounds 5E

June 18th, 2016, 21:58
So I have a general question.

Quite a few NPC's (some golems and some fiends) have magic resistance. 5E handles this by granting advantage to saving throws vs. spells and magic effects. I have always interpreted this to be: "if a lighting bolt is cast at the iron golem, the iron golem gets advantage on the saving throw to get half damage." In other words, it is independent of the attribute (dex, strength, con, wis...etc). If the spell has a save, than the iron golem would get advantage.

Is there an effect that can be created to reflect this. Or do I just have to click advantage right before the player clicks the cast button on his player sheet.

I would like to create the effect as I don't necessarily like to disclose to players what resistances the NPC's have. Some players are PDQ on the casting and they will click the same time they announce their intentions. I notice that this effect is not "active" in fantasy grounds. If an iron golem is targeted and the player casts a spell at it, the saving throw is not with advantage.

Any suggestions...???

June 18th, 2016, 22:14
You can't set up an effect to give advantage on saving throws against magic I'm afraid. All you can do is to use the ADV button.

Magic resistance is somewhat wider than you think. The advantage is given against any kind of magic or effect not just damaging one.

EDIT: I suppose as part of your prep you could create the necessary effects ADVSAV: dexterity, etc and have them ready to drop them on the beastie once it's on the CT.

EDIT EDIT: But that would also give them advantage on saves which didn't have a magical source.