View Full Version : Modifiers for NPCs and monsters

July 12th, 2005, 15:15
I'm getting geared up to play and I'm having trouble figuring how to use the monsters and NPC properly. The stat blocks lists things like their Attack modifiers etc, but they are not grabbable to drop into the hotkeys or modifier blocks.

Also are tokens supposed to be hidden by the map mask? When I drop them down now they show up to the players right away. Or should I just drop them at the time of the encounter.

Any help and reccomendations would be appreciated.


July 13th, 2005, 00:08
In regards to the modifiers, the xml for the modifiers, like attack are written in a stringcontrol format. This allows for the modifiers to be flexible so you are not railroaded into one format. (so you can get different things in there, such as different attack forms and such.)
As for the tokens, I agree, it would be nice to have the tokens covered by the fog of war. Is this just a case as to the layer of the fog? Perhaps the fog layer could be on the top, with the token layer, the drawn layer underneath, then finally the Jpeg or Png layer on the very bottom? This would make for a map that can have pointers that are not disturbed by tokens, with the fog of war covering everything, so you can place the tokens and reveal as you need them.

The main beef that I have now, is after the tokens can be named, if you need to switch to another map, you need to rename the tokens. This could be rectified if the token itself retained the name after you took it off the image. If it went to the desktop, or another image, it would still have the name attached to it, and allieviate the need to constantly rename tokens.