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July 9th, 2005, 20:18
I know we all want them. Many FG users dont just play dnd and some may not even use d20. This is a place for discussing custom rulesets and how to create them. Its also a place to beg the FG team for some help lol. I understand the many legal horrors about people making custom rulesets. My question to the FG dev's is... is that why you made it so people couldnt edit the d20 ruleset and the monsters? I myself have a need to make custom rulesets for my own game system. If possible it would be really nice if the rulesets were changable in the program. That way if someone wanted to make a custom ruleset they could simply copy the d20 folder then change its name and then change the picture of the d20 book in the program. It would highly reduce the amount of xml coding used. FG is becomming a great tool for Game Masters to use but we cant even add in our own monsters or delelte the ones that are there. ALL d20 games that I know of allow you to at least make up your own mosters... and if im using a virtual table top like this... it kind of defeats the point if I have to be typing in real time from a paper intead of being able to prepare everything ahead of time. If its the legal issue that the dev team is worried about... well in every other system like openrpg webrpg klooge werks... they all let you customise everything. FG is a tool. Every tool can be abused. You can kill with a hammer.... illegally burn CD's with a CD burner :) FG is suppose to be different tho... I understand and I chose FG over klooge werks because of its simplicity... I dont want that to change. But if we cant edit Monsters or change things in the rulesets its no longer simple. GM's have to resort to coding xml and most people dont have time for that. Alot of people would just choose somthing free. So what im asking is that the Fantasy Grounds team consider letting its users edit the the d20 ruleset or at least the monsters in the program. It would probubly be a big task to do. I wouldnt expect it for a while. But it could be a good idea. Making sutom character sheets would still have to be left to xml unless an external program could be made. I know that if you had an external program for making custom rulesets I would by it. That is a whole other request though. The main thing is being able to edit the d20 custom ruleset and the monters. If thats not possible its okay... but it would make using fantasy grounds alot easier...unless someone accidentally edited the d20 ruleset without makeing a back up *(lol). They would have to reinstall FG unless there was a way made to prevent that...but that would be adding to much to the program which must be kept simple.

July 9th, 2005, 22:31
Wow... for some reason that big block of solid text was hard for me to read.

Anyway I made it about a quarter of the way down and I was not sure what you were talking about. You CAN copy the d20 rule set and use that as the base for your own rule set. In the 'how to's at the top of the page posted by the devs I'm pretty sure that is where they start... by coping the d20 rules.

Hope that gets you going on making your own rule set.


July 9th, 2005, 23:58
I always try and point people to this post - http://forums.fantasygrounds.com/viewtopic.php?t=40

It isn't totally comprehensive, but it gives you a good start.

Hope that helps. Sorry if it doesn't.


July 11th, 2005, 05:21
yeah, lol sorry about the huge explaination involving a simple question. Its just that when you ask people about making custom rulesets they are normally one of two things. Clueless or critical. I just wanted to be complete and make sure people new what I was talking about. Ha ha ha... guess that pint was lost in the large posting... ill keep my posts sizes ddown in the future. Thank you for actually giving me a link to somewhere. It helped alot :D