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June 8th, 2016, 09:01
Hi there folks, I am going to grind through character creation using my work in progress classless hack, and run an evening of application through dungeon crawling for folks interested in being my second group in Descent into Toreurkral to be run via Fantasy Grounds. This will occur after my 1st group that will be running from noon to 5 PM earlier in the day during the FG-Daze June 25th event. The intent is to have you folks get together and build characters to be ready to test out my Training Day scenario during the evening of the FG-Daze event. I'll run this until I just can't do it anymore, so I have no clue how long this will go, but with a 12-5 prior game, likely another 4-5 hours tops unless you invigorate me. I will plan to start at 7 pm Eastern, giving me time to take a break, get food and get setup after my first session.

What does this entail for you?
You make a character, one I approve and get yourself setup for us to hit the ground running on the 25th. You will experience my Training Day scenario, which is a hard mode setup of what happens in the event your party gets cut off, surrounded and pounced upon by one of my army divisions of undead. This is not the norm within my dungeon, but a replication of a series of bad decisions or poor luck snowballing until the party is piled upon by a large contingent due to failing basic tactics and being reckless.

Why would I do this?
I cut through the lead up, to swiftly give folks an idea of some of the worst they can expect to stress test applicants and see how they handle the challenges. Players get to play, and experience the difficulty they could face. Get an idea of what they will be up against, see how their initial thought process and character they put together fares. I gather an immense amount of information on the player and their interactions with me, and the other applicants during this process. From here I get to know you, you get to know me, and I get to pick out folks who fit into a time slot together who will work together as a team well using this data.

What comes of this?
From this event on the 25th, I will set a time slot that works best for folks and then screen players. We will then, as a group build characters together that have good synergy which can work together as a Dwarven Seal Team Six type team going forward. We will run sessions in my Descent into Toreurkral campaign, and you will be my 2nd live group. Essentially, the 25th is your audition to earn a slot and see if you'll enjoy the game before committing to long term sessions.

You just found out last minute and want to join but don't have time for a character?
I will put together a few characters in my software which can be selected for those who want to stop by and throw their hat in the ring with a pre-gen. It's a free for all day, and who knows, folks might just see me last minute. I get that, I'll put some together before the event which will be pre-approved and ready to snag.

What do you need: A character, using my creation rules, Teamspeak to connect to the FG teamspeak server, and any version of FG to connect to my Ultimate License.

Character Creation: I'd love to post it for you hear, but the forum has eating 5 previous attempts to post and wasted 4 hours of mine tonight, and I keep hitting the word limit. O.o Maybe it will let me in a second post?

Background: The kingdom you live in is called Toreurkral and is set in a time thousands of years prior to current events in my game world. It is a massive kingdom which, if on the surface would dominate the continent. However, it is below ground and stretches across a massive mountain chain going East to West for nearly a thousand miles before it stretches south across rolling plains and a huge forest kingdom. Your people have mined and dug for more than a thousand years in this area. Grown families, expanded and the children who have grown in overcrowded caves have headed off to expand the empire. Forming new clans loyal to the King, branching out and setting up new areas within the mountains and tunnels. The area you live in was dug into the bedrock under the expansive forest which is inhabited by the elves above you. Hundreds of miles of crude tunnels, hand carved halls and mines.

However, one of your kin, in his greed, branched off on his own and dug too deep. Obsessed with finding a new vein of adamantine all for himself, the dwarf dug deep down into the earth and fell into a cavern. Finding shining, precious gems and metals lining a vault, he started to take them with wild abandon. Hacking and tearing them out of the vault, the dwarf cracked the stone casing on the vault open. The stone gave way to silver, which with careful work, he pried loose as well. The silver giving way to adamantine, the dwarf gave pause. After much deliberation and thought, he decided it was worth the effort to cut through so much of the material and cart away. For weeks he worked in this cavern, slowly cutting through one of the sides of this blocky frame set on the ground in the middle of the cavern until his feeble steel tools managed to cut through and allow him to start taking apart the adamantine frame. In his greed, he didn't stop to think what layer upon layer of material here might be doing, and was lost on the strange feel of the room.

After the adamantine, a layer of raw iron, hammered roughly into the shape of a plate, thick and dark and untouched by flame in the working process the dwarf took in. Cold iron, not often used by Dwarves, hard to work, needing pure brute force to hammer it into shape with no heat to ease the material into a malleable state. After destroying most of his tools getting through the stone, silver and especially the adamantine, the dwarf was in no position to cut through a 2 foot thick plate of iron. Not to mention, who would pay for the lumpy mess after he'd taken it apart? He had weeks worth of work to haul the silver and adamantine back by foot to his clan with just his own two legs anyhow. So that he did, wrapping the material in his pack and carrying it away. During these trips, each taking several days walking back to his house, then several back to where he had his stash of materials something happened.

Not noticing at first, due to the noise of dragging and packing the silver and adamantine, a noise came through the thick plate of iron. On his fifth trip back to the cavern the dwarf noticed it. A deep, low rumble that shook the floor greeted him when he climbed down into the room. The plate buckled, straining upwards, and the noises came up through the floor. Alarmed, the dwarf scurried to grab as much of the adamantine he could before running back the way he came. After a day of hurrying as best he could with several hundred pounds of metal dragging behind him on a sled through rough stone passages the dwarf realized he wasn't being followed by some mysterious creature and slowed down. Shaking off his dark thoughts, he told himself the noises must have been pressure from below, a steam vent twisting the plate or something. Packing away his newest take, he grabbed a weeks worth of dried mushrooms and water and headed out again to get the last of the silver down below. Planning for the future, what he would make with the materials he had taken left him lost in thought for days. He trotted into the room bubbling with optimism the events of the last time he was in the room firmly put to the side and forgotten.

However, upon entering the room, he realized he was terribly wrong. His gaze slid past what dominated the center of it to the plate in the center of the floor. Torn and bent upwards in sharp strips of two foot thick iron, something had broken through and ripped apart the iron. Stunned upon seeing that, and wondering what could have done such a thing, the dwarf barely noticed the dark shape using a sharp claw to carve runes into the stone in the corner. His attention fixed on the floor, the dwarf didn't notice the figure turn, nor move towards him either. The dwarf didn't notice the creature turn less solid and into a mist which floated towards him, nor float in towards his ear. Too wrapped up in his own horror, realizing he should have let his clan know of what he had found and the danger that might be coming for them. Lost in his despair and self recriminations at what he had unleashed upon his clan, the dwarf was kneeling on the floor when the creature entered his body and took over.

What came next, the dwarf could only witness with horror from the recesses of his own mind as he was powerless to control his own movements. Seeing what came forth from the torn plate in the floor and moving down the same passageway he entered from, and riding within his own mind as his body trotted behind the dark shapes through that tunnel.

June 8th, 2016, 09:19
Character Creation:

Sources: Paizo official material, see classes however. With 3.5 add-ons: The Completes; Races of: Stone, Dragon, Draconomicon; MIC, Libris Mortis, Heroes of Battle and Horror, Dragon Magic.

Race: Dwarf, including the Earth or 3.5 Races of Stone Dream Dwarf. Swap from the base PF Dwarf out traits these versions have, add in all of the extra stuff the PF Dwarf gets that wasn't in the 3.5 versions on top, like the +2 to Wisdom, Weapon Training, etc. In addition: The basic Duergar race option is viable as well. Ignore the Psionic and Tyrant versions.

Classes: We aren't using classes, I put together a Classless Hack (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16nMNV2lOJViHMw5yRx62Ifdw5Ta_C7947V8r40P0MWs/edit?usp=sharing) spreadsheet that is a WIP playtest currently. What I did was unzip the core classes and some extras I want to run with and spread them out alphabetically with a cost to them in XP. You no longer gain levels at a set XP total. You gain XP and spend it after an 8 hour downtime rest. You can pull from the various sources for feats and items and spells, but stick to what is listed there on this spreadsheet, please. To simplify our 1 shot FG-Daze experience. Avoid the off-menu stuff, spend 40,000 XP without trying to break my game building a character you think would be fun and survive the experience.
Banned: Guns, Gunslinger: Not invented yet, terribly designed system, extremely loud, etc, etc

Level: Effectively 6th level Gestalt for all intents and purposes. 40,000 XP, to be exact to spend with my hack.
HP: Max each level.
Point Buy: 30 PF; your 4th HD +1 to any attribute is not free, purchase for 1000 XP if you want it.
Favored Class: Currently using a Classless Hack, no favored class.
Skills: We are using the "Background Skills" and every 5th HD you get a "Rogues Edge" skill unlock to apply, on every character. Cheers.
Traits: 2 Traits, choose any besides Campaign Traits. From any category as you wish, IE: you can select 2 Magic or Combat, not just 1 from each category.
Drawbacks: You may take 1 to earn a trait.
Wealth: Find the Automatic Bonus Progression page on the srd. Use what you get up to Level 6 on the chart, ignore everything but the definitions directly below. IE: You can still purchase Headbands, enchant weapons etc for the same standard costs. In addition to your automatic attunements, you get 10000 gp to spend on gear.
Background: I just need something which grants me some feeling of your character. Whether it's a few sentences or paragraphs, I don't need anything special, and I lack the time for a novel. :/

Feat Tax Breaks:
1: Finesse based characters can opt out of Strength altogether, and get the Unchained Rogues Weapon Finesse with Dex to Damage for free. Once you have BAB 4 you get Agile Manuevers for free.
2: Creatures with Natural Attacks like Claws can ignore the pre-requisites for things that have "Imp. Unarmed Strike" listed, as having Natural attacks makes that a duh already know how to use my own claws and such moment.
3: 3.5/PF Short and Long Bows rule the ranged combat world due to feat tax. If you want to use a crossbow, take Rapid Reload free. If you want to throw Hammers or Axes or whatever, take Quick Draw free. Cheers.

Optional Rules:
Automatic Bonus Progression: 6th gets you +1 Resistance to Saves, +1 Armor and Weapon Attunement, +1 Deflection to AC, +2 Mental Attribute.
Background Skills: +2 Skills per Hit Dice that apply to the Background Skills category.
Hero Points: 3, I call these "AP" FYI
Honor: Found on the d20pfsrd.com
Piecemeal Armor: Same
Stamina and Combat Tricks: Same; Any full BAB for HD, non spellcaster gets Combat Stamina free. Everyone else must pay.

Templates: Only those listed on my Classless hack spreadsheet, please.

Crafting: If you can automatically craft something due to ranks/mods and succeed the DC you do not have to roll for me. If not, then you must roll for me in my forum, or my own IRC channel at #DM|Mag_Game on the Darkmyst server, or within this thread. You may craft for others in the group and charge them if you wish. That is up to you. You must follow the crafting restrictions presented within the magic items rules. I will reserve the right to restrict things that obviously will break my game with custom crafting as needed. Language such as "Creator Must be: X" is a non-negotiable requirement you cannot bypass with bumping the DC by 5.

Special Crafting Homebrew Feats:
Master Artificer
Prereq's: Spellcraft 5, 3rd level spells, 2 crafting feats.
Craft at normal speed while traveling and when doing blocks of at least 1 hour unbroken work instead of at 1/4 speed. Full round action to Drain a magic item for 50% of it's magical worth for a charge to be used towards magic item creation within 48 hours of draining.

Improved Master Artificer
Prerequisites: 2 casting Feats, CL 7, Spellcraft 7, Master Artificer. Removes the limit on items crafted per day withing the 8 hour timeframe. Allowing you to add DC +10 for triple speed items. Gaining 60% of the items drained worth instead of 50% and reducing the amount of time necessary by following the formula of [Cost in GP/1200=Days needed]

Animal Companions, Mounts:
As standard except
HP: Full dice as your PC
BAB: Full progression=HD, their's not yours.
Feats: As yours, 1 per HD.
Automatic Bonus Progression: As their HD

As listed, except
Automatic Bonus Progression: As your Caster Level in the class granting it to you. Unmodified CL, so if you have feats, Ioun Stones, etc, the CL that you use to select your spell slots.

Also, I forgot something else. I did up a simplistic Spell Points for PF conversion. You are free to use it. Folks have had trouble with my chart and I haven't had time to fix it, so I'll just explain.

Spell Points:

You convert each spell slot owed to you into SP at a ratio of the following:
Spell Level = SP Cost
1 = 1
2 = 3
3 = 5
4 = 7
5 = 9
6 = 11
7 = 13
8 = 15
9 = 17, and so on if my games ever get into Epic.
Domains: Unique pool of 1 spell per spell level known converted into SP. This pool may then be divided into any spells of any level on your domain list, including MM altered versions. Example: 5th level Cleric with Fire Domain has access to 3 spells (Domain Spells: 1st—burning hands, 2nd—produce flame, 3rd—fireball) and (1+3+5=9) 9 Domain SP. The cleric may opt to prepare 3 instances of Produce Flame instead of 1 of each, or any assortment using up to 9 SP. These may not be combined with the standard pool.

Specialist Schools: These work exactly like Domain points, except the limitations are to the particular school. Separate pool which cannot be mixed with any others equal to the amount of points the slots owed to you grants you.

Prepared Casters: Must prepare spells daily as normal, locking in Spell Points while preparing. Example: My level 5 Evoker Wizard Edain has 14 SP from Level, +9 for being a Specialist, +9 for having an 18 Intelligence (1st-4th level slots, only access to 1-3rd however=9 SP. This bumps to 16 SP at level 7 when you gain access to 4th level spell slots.). The bonus SP from Intelligence goes with the main pool for a total of 23, with 9 specialty points. You may save SP in a pool in order to prepare spells later in the day as normal.

Spontaneous: These work like your standard SP from other systems. Free cast until you run out. Simple.

Scaling: All spells are cast at your full caster level unless you choose to reduce range or damage. No increased cost to scale spells like the UA version. The UA version cripples your daily load of spells to SP conversion ratio. Not doing that to my players.

June 8th, 2016, 09:27
Won't let me edit, frustration abounds. OK, lets try links here now!

My Classless Hack Spreadsheet:
(https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16nMNV2lOJViHMw5yRx62Ifdw5Ta_C7947V8r40P0MWs/edit?usp=sharing)Automatic Bonus Progression:
Background Skills:
Hero Points:
Piecemeal Armor:
Stamina and Combat Tricks:

June 8th, 2016, 16:47
Won't let me edit, frustration abounds.
Editing should work for your own posts. Do you have the "Edit posts" button at the bottom of your post? If so, what happens when you click it? What browser are you using?

June 8th, 2016, 16:55
It just wipes my post when I attempt to edit, but yes, I have the button. Using Chrome, latest version. It could be the fact I had an absurd amount of tabs open it was just glitchy on me last night. Any attempt to edit though straight wiped the entire post and left me with an empty text box.

June 10th, 2016, 19:47
My apologies, I linked you a copy of my spreadsheet that wasn't shared yet. That is totally my bad. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/158PS5WK75CizKXGbo0pjonQq0cpMabdR7w4T9ptyoYY/edit?usp=sharing (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16nMNV2lOJViHMw5yRx62Ifdw5Ta_C7947V8r40P0MWs/edit?usp=sharing) for my classless hack. I need to go put on my dunce hat for a while. >.<

June 14th, 2016, 01:58
It may be this is too much for this event, with me being new here. An effective 6th level gestalt with a work in progress classless hack to wade through tons of info. If so, I threw an idea at the wall and it didn't stick, however, I'll be around regardless on the 25th and hope to turn this event into a long term dungeon crawl campaign. I've got my FG server up while I am off doing other things. If anyone wanted to jump on and look at the pre-mades I am putting together you can. I'll be bouncing around my place doing other things but "cruel user bold thug" will get you into my server to grab and look at them if you want to get an idea of what one can do with my hack. I've listed out some of the things on my recruitment forum at myth-weavers for this game, but that's a whole forum, and this is one thread so I am voiding more clutter here. Claggin and Magnus are PC's built by members of another instance of this campaign with slightly different character creation limits, but Aldur, Belrum, Grunlo, Dunbar and Harry are all following these creation rules. If folks are curious but don't want to spend the time to build PC's, these will be available to grab on the 25th and my server is open to take a peak most days. :)

June 16th, 2016, 19:55
I'll be around if anyone wants to hook up to my server, check out my pre-mades, or input character data for the 25th session on my server. If folks have questions or want to chat, let me know. FG doesn't ping me, the easiest way to get my attention is to go here: https://chat.mibbit.com/?server=mibbit.darkmyst.org&channel=%23DM%7CMag_Game and type something, I'll get a ping in my IRC channel. So if anyone is interested, I'll be around today and tomorrow prepping for my campaigns. I usually am most days and evenings. FG connect alias: cruel user bold thug to just show up and check out my pre-mades if someone wanted to grab one on the 25th.

As a note, my goal is to use this to play test my classless hack, but if folks just want to build a standard level 6 gestalt character without it, I'm fine with that as well. I added as much in my character creation info. However, I thought before I vanish again, I should give a rundown of the method used to make sense of this hack. It can be a bit overwhelming just jumping in without experience. So step by step, I shall build 1 more pre-made as a guide:

1: I have 40000 XP to build a character with, I need a concept. So far, I've got 3 melee, 3 casters, and 1 swing setup as pre-made options. We are lacking a non-caster ranged option it seems. This is a dwarf only game, with an underground setting and undead focused theme. So rocks all around, maybe a template for strength, and a rock throwing build? I'll run with this.

2: In order to make a rock throwing build work, I'll make use of the Stone Mystery from Oracle, the UA Earth Dwarf, and I need to really bump Strength without punishing Dexterity too heavily. Throwing rocks is ultimately under powered in comparison to a bow, but can be fun, and one can break a wall for ammo, which is even more fun. So we'll need proficiency with a hammer to break stone for ammo if need be, and I am thinking a mix of the Giant and Advanced templates which will run me 15000 XP alone. This concept also requires me to keep my BAB up, I get Quick Draw free according to my house rules, and I'll need Precise Shot to avoid penalties when I am pelting targets in a melee already. This might be a great option for a Vital Strike build, conserve ammunition, make each strike count. Between 1 and 2 I now have a concept I can work off of.

3: I go to my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16nMNV2lOJViHMw5yRx62Ifdw5Ta_C7947V8r40P0MWs/edit#gid=2017993413 and start my calculations.

Core Creation (Tab 1)
Race: Earth Dwarf (+2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha; +1 to Attacks and -2 on Saves vs Air Creatures; Improved Stability: +6 to CMD vs Bull Rush and Trip; No Hardy, No Hatred; Greed Increased to +4 for Appraise/Craft checks with metal and stone; Defensive Training, Weapon Familiarity, and I am going to select "Minesight" from optional racial to give 90 ft darkvision with Dazzled in Bright Light)
Templates: Giant, Advanaced (Large Size, +10 Str, +2 Dex, +10 Con, +4 Int, +6 Wisdom, +2 Cha, +5 Natural Armor, +10 Speed, 15000 XP)
Hit Dice: 6d8 (100 x{2+2+3+4+5+6}= 2200 XP; Find D8 in the upper right of the 1st tab, double 1st HD, then multiply base cost for each new HD by the number of HD you will have upon gaining it. Adding your 3rd d8 is therefor 300 XP itself. I chose d8's for a back line threat, not too squishy, not the group tank however.)
BAB: 6 (Find BAB, its in Red in the E-G columns on the 1st tab. I can find the Total Cost for 6 BAB at G24. It costs: 3150 XP)
Saves: 3 Fort, 5 Ref, 5 Will is my choice here. (Saves is directly above BAB in Yellow. Fort 3 is 700 XP, 5 to the other two is 2750 each for a total of 6200 XP)
Skills: 12 Pairs (These are bought in pairs of 2 ranks; I want 24 ranks in order to have 6 skills max ranks, plus my Int Modifier and my 2/HD background skills. This will allow me a nice skillset. 12 pairs is on J14 on Tab 1: 780 XP)
Feats: 6 (Point Blank, Precise Shot, Deadly Aim, Vital Strike are necessary. Far Shot due to low range of thrown weapons, this is 5 feats, I'll add 1 more for luxury with Extend Spell. I have spells, so I do not get my Spell-less Discount. 1st Tab, M8 says it costs me 2050 XP)
Traits: Base 2 (I'll run with Tunnel Fighter and Strong Arm, Supple Wrist and be happy with my base 2 free Traits. Adding more is under the P-Q column on Tab 1 however. They are cheap.)
Proficiency: All Armor, Simple+Martial Weapons (I'm a battle trained dwarf, but I just prefer rock throwing. I can still wield plate and a battle axe if I want to. I ignore shields though. This is a cost of 275 XP.)

Core Creation Total: 27605 XP
Special Abilities (Tab 2)
This tab is alphabetically listed abilities for the PFRPG "Core" Classes, and the "Base" classes, minus Gunslinger/Vigilante. With the Unchained versions replacing where applicable. Added is Warmage and Warlock from Complete Arcane. Pick and choose, and obviously, unless listed otherwise on my sheet, the basic requirements and limitations of the PF ruleset apply. IE: Monk abilities fail in armor as listed, Evasion doesn't work in Heavy Armor, utilizing the Monk abilities=Lawful, snagging Divine Grace=Lawful Good unless you go Paladin of X from UA and take the abilities listed there as a requisite, etc. For our needs here, I need Oracle Spellcasting which will come later, in order to access the Oracle Mystery and Revelations. Keeping this in mind, I am going to save 7000 XP out of my 13395 XP left or so. This leaves me with just about 6000 XP for "Special Abilities".
Mystery: 6th HD Scaling (A115 for Mystery, with a base cost of 200 to access, then {100 * New HD} to scale each level. Cost: 200 + 100*{1+2+3+4+5+6}=2300 XP)
Revelations: 1 with Mystery Purchase, I'll select Rock Throwing, and add 2 more: Stone Stability, Acid Skin. (Cost is 300 * New # of Revelations. 300*(2+3)=1500 XP)
Spells Known: Magic Stone, Stone Call, Meld into Stone from Stone Mystery, this requires Tab 5 (Spellcasting). (Cost: 1 1st {10}, 1 2nd {50}, 1 3rd {100}= 160 XP)
XP Left Check: 8435 (Lets go to Spells and come back with any leftover!)

Spellcasting (Tab 5)

Caster Level: 6th Charisma, Spontaneous, Major (9 spell levels) (Cost of CL is: 75*New CL each bump up to your HD. So, Cost: 75*(1+2+3+4+5+6)= 1575 XP)
Spell Level Access: Cantrips (Major): 50, 1st: 200; 2nd: 800 (200*2*2); 3rd: 1800 (200*3*3); Total Cost: 2850 XP
Cantrip Access: 4 Slots (3+6+9+12=30 XP)
Spells Known: Cantrips: 4 (4*5=20), 1st: 6 (6*10=60), 2nd: 5 (5*50=250), 3rd: 4 (4*100=400); Total Cost: 730 XP (Prepared Casters skip this step, they have spellbooks and gold/time costs instead)
Spell Points: 33 SP base (I only have 3250 XP left! Bummer, templates chewed into my total. On Tab 5 you simply slide down Column C to find how much it costs, over to Column A to see how much it gets. Our cost: 3150 XP.)

XP Left: 100, not enough for a pair of skill ranks, more SP, or much of anything really. Except, I could learn how to use Shields (25 XP), and an extra trait (75 XP). I'll tack that on. I've now spent *exactly* 40000 XP. If I didn't, I'd save the leftover for later. The only exception to this is when I run level 1 campaigns. Initial creation, the goal is to spend everything, and so when starting with a 1500 or 2000 XP buy-in, leftovers are lost. Not so with higher buy'ins, if you only spent 38500, you'd roll over 1500 XP for later.

Spell Points Note: If you are going to run a dual tradition caster like a Wizard/Cleric, you purchase points and separate the pools as you purchase them, ala "I buy 30 points for Wizard, 30 for cleric". However, the cost of this is not 1250 x 2 for purchasing 30 SP twice. It's cumulative between all classes. You would pay for 60 (6875 XP), and if you added 5 to Wizard next level, you pay the difference between 60 and 65. Adding 5 to Cleric, difference between 65 and 70. This limits the power of dual casters in this manner.

Moving on: I now have the setup for my brute rock thrower to build with. I now handle my point buy. I need Dex, that's a priority. Intelligence isn't, and Advanced gives me a boost, but this guy isn't meant to be smart, so we will subtract 3 to negate that template boost and make it an 11. This gives me a 33 Point buy to work with.

Str: 16->26
Dex: 18->20
Con: 10->20Int: 7->11
Wis: 10->16
Cha: 16->18 (Nets me 12 extra SP!)->20 (15 SP!)

I now know I have 78 HP (6*{8+5}=78 HP), 48SP (33+15), my 6 feats, my traits, basic class abilities, and I have the Automatic Bonus Progression Attunements of: +1 Resistance to Saves, +2 to 1 Mental Attribute (Charisma becomes 20, and 3 more SP!), +1 Weapon Attunement, +1 Armor Attunement, +1 Deflection to AC. From here you would select background skills, and then pick whatever skills you wanted with your 24 ranks outside of that. 10000 gp worth of gear, and input data into FG with a rock thrower. This has gone on long enough though. Just wanted a run down of the process of navigating my hack. Cheers folks!