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July 2nd, 2005, 19:54
I'm interested in joining a campaign preferably in the Eberron setting (though other settings aren't out of the question) using the 3.5 edition rules.

I have a couple strikes against me that I think people should know about up front.

First: I've never played a PnP game online before but I've been fiddling with FG and learning how it works and I'm confident I can use it as a player successfully at this point.

Second: I'm fairly new to the 3.5 rules. I have read the players handbook and I believe I have a firm grasp on the rules (seeing as how they are much more simplified than older editions) but no doubt I will have to reference or ask questions from time to time as I am used to the old AD&D mechanics.

Third: Like the newer 3.5 rules I am also new to Eberron, however I have the Eberron Campaign Setting and Races of Eberron that I am currently reading through.

Now as long as someone doesn't mind that these facts about me persist I'd be happy to accept an invitation to join a game. I don't mind joining a group that is already started and I don't mind signing up for a group that is forming or is about to start.

If you'd like to contact me directly my email is [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read my thread :P

July 2nd, 2005, 23:19

I hope you don't mind me piggie-backing on this, but I am in the same situation as you.

I am new to playing PnP RPGs online, new to Eberron, and new to FG. Like Albyn I am looking for a compaign to cut my teeth on as it were.

I I can play almost all times after 7PM EST. I can play almost all days of the week, though Thursday-Sunday is better.

If anyone is willing to take on a total noob please let me know.

Thank you,

July 2nd, 2005, 23:52
no not at all, I think there should be one big place where we can all post. At least then we know where to find each other :P

July 9th, 2005, 22:59
I could start my own thread to this effect, but.. hey... Why be redundent?

I just acquired my license, and would love to try out the release version in a one-shot, miniseries or campaign (assuming the campaign sounds interesting ;). Anyone looking for players? Three players so far on this thread alone!


July 10th, 2005, 01:26
I'm in the same boat. Long time D&D player, but new to FG. I would really like to get into even a short campaign.

[email protected]

July 10th, 2005, 15:36
For those of you who have not found a game, you might check out this thread:


You got a guy looking for players and ready to go... :D

July 10th, 2005, 20:57
That's Roll-playing "campaign". Personally, I'm looking for something on the other extreme, firmly in the Role-playing category :).

There's an Eberron game advertised here, but I don't know anything about Eberron.