View Full Version : Modifing the NPC box

July 1st, 2005, 20:33
Try something as simple as the first tutorial above.
On the NPC combat sheet, change "HD" to "Hit Dice".

Can it be done?

Maybe I'm digging in the wrong file ... but it looks to me like the NPC windows are defined in d20_adventure. However, any changes made there are not showing up in game.

Yes, I have verified that the file is included in base.xml for the new ruleset (everything is copied to a new ruleset folder) and that I am indeed starting a campaign from the new ruleset.

July 2nd, 2005, 12:07
Do you mean on the combat tab of the npc or monster description?

If so all you have to do is modify the code to change the static value of the hd string control to Hit Dice. Do this in d20_adventure for campaign specific NPCs and d20_reference for the monster database.

Make sure the files actually save with the alterations. I use Altova and there is a string control named "name" that has this:

<empty value="&laquo; Empty Monster Data &raquo;" />

The program basically tells you that the file is not valid but if you click save anyway it works just fine.

I haven't been successful changing the d20 ruleset itself but I did this with a copy of the ruleset that I altered and saved in it's own folder under rulesets.

Hope this helps. I'm an idiot savant when it comes to this stuff so I have a hard time explaining things to others.