View Full Version : How do I subtract a negative modifier?

June 23rd, 2005, 01:49
I have custom attributes that range on a percentage scale. Let's say a player has a Strength of 65.

The PnP method of our system is to roll d% and subtract the result from the Attribute to determine the number of successes (every 10 under is a success).

As FG does not support this, I am simply trying to reverse the order of things so that negatives are a good thing now. So I want the player to roll d% and subtract his Attribute. So rolling a 45, subtracting the Strength of 65 gives a -20 result (or 2 successes). Not how we used to handle our game system, but we'll adapt.

My problem is even with this workaround, I cannot get my character sheet to drag the Attribute over into the modifer window as a negative number.

1) What corrections to my character sheet will let my players drag their Attribute over as a negative to the modifier window?

2) Can you think of a better method of handling our success system with FG?

Here is a code snipet trying to use a "-" drag op and drop op, to no avail. Everyting dragged over is positive.

<numbercontrol name="dexterity">
<bounds rect="168,148,32,23" />
<drop op="-" />
<noreset />
<description text="Dexterity" />
<limits minimum="0" maximum="100" />
<numbercontrol name="endurance">
<bounds rect="174,179,32,23" />
<drag op="-" />
<description text="Endurance" />

June 23rd, 2005, 02:25
looks like your problem is you are limiting your number from "0" to "100". Maybe try to use a negative number, ie -100.

I'm not sure if that will work, but I think the code may be flawed, because you are in the absolute number plane, from zero to 100, where negative numbers do not exist.

Let me know if this helps.